KT's 233 mile challenge

by Katie Mostert in Rossendale, England, United Kingdom

KT's 233 mile challenge
We did it
On 22nd September 2020 we successfully raised £210 with 7 supporters in 42 days

I'm walking to enable ExcludedUK to offer support to those most in need following exclusion from gov support schemes during the pandemic

In between job hunting and filling in applications, I am trying to escape the confines of the house and take part in ExcludedUK’s 3 million miles fundraiser and awareness campaign. That’s one mile for each person excluded from the COVID support schemes through no fault of their own. This fundraiser is to help those most in need.

3 million UK taxpayers have been unfairly excluded from the government support schemes during the pandemic. I am getting by (for now) but many are unable to pay their bills, are losing their businesses and homes and are using food banks to feed their families.  The stories I read are truly harrowing with some being pushed to the edge with thoughts of suicide, simply due to lack of income and no Government support.  Please remember that some are still prohibited from working - especially those in music and creative industries, and all the people that are caught in the knock-on effect of events not taking place.

All I can do within the group is help to support people with kind words and positive vibes, though I need some of those myself too.  You know how much I like walking so will be logging my miles to raise awareness and hopefully some cash. Funds raised will be put towards providing help to those in desperate need. This includes counselling and mental health support, debt advice, personal finance advice and business support, up-skilling, reskilling and training to get back into the economy.

My plan is to cover 233 miles by Saturday 19 September, an average of about 6 miles a day (some days even that’s a challenge sat here at the computer job hunting).  Why 233 I hear you ask?  According to Google maps that’s how far it is from my house to 11 Downing Street.  I’d love to go and have a word with our Chancellor!   So I’d like to raise £233, £1 for every mile I am going to walk.

If you are in a position to donate, maybe just the cost of a pint, I would be really grateful of any amount to help those who are in a far more desperate position than I am. If you can’t afford to donate but wish to support me and the rest of the gang, then please sign up to the 3M mile campaign and log your miles at www.excludeduk.org/3millionmiles.

(Any money raised through my Crowdfunder page will feed directly into the ExcludedUK fund)

Thank you 


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