Krystal Klear Designs

Krystal Klear Designs

We need to raise £5000 to fit our newly acquired workshop with a full micro music studio.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Krystal Klear Designs is currently a Ltd company which is ready to be converted into a C.I.C. this project surrounds and deals with many social issues from crime reduction, art and music therapy, social inclussion issues, as well as creative career development.

It focuses on those with mental health/social/addiction issues as well as people causing vandalism and Anti Social Behaviours we channel the talent held by some of these individuals into a solid professional career in art, music, business, and other areas that we are specialised in.

Currently we have a fund application in with a national lender though, this is not for the full scope of what we need so there will be a few funding bids on here to try and alleviate some of the stress from our main application.

This funding bid is for fitting a full music studio in the workshop we now have, this will be a full music production facility for the youth we work with, some of the equipment would never even be seen by some of these people, lets find the next big act or who knows maybe even superstar.

The amount needed is £5000 but we will also take any relevant donations (especially acoustic foam).

Many thanks for your time and help.