The King and Queen of the Hill Children's Run

by Ben Parkinson in Kampala, , Uganda

The King and Queen of the Hill Children's Run
Not quite
Unfortunately this project was not successful.

There are few opportunities for children in Kampala to race others. We aim to encourage more children into athletics through competition.

by Ben Parkinson in Kampala, , Uganda

Chrysalis is a Ugandan organisation that seeks to create change through the energy, intellect and inspiration of Ugandan youth.  Our core mission is social entrepreneurship training, but sometimes through our work we identify other key issues, where Ugandan youth need support and sports and athletics is one of these areas.

The athletic talent amongst Ugandan youth is outstanding, yet there are almost no facilities or equipment for children to develop their potential and little government interest in athletics, at least for children.  So this new race - the King and Queen of the Hill - enables local children to compete against each other in a race, where they can win support for their school fees and requirements.

Hill running is a good way for children to develop their strength and stamina and our location, the Acholi Quarter slum district has many hilly areas, which they walk up and down on their journeys to school.  Chrysalis Athletics Club coaches often train the children on these roads, but we are also the only children's athletics club training at the National Stadium.  Our members live in the local slum areas of Banda, Kassenyi, Kiganda and Acholi Quarters.   The race will take place on Sunday 25th November and we expect to have around 100 runners.

However, we need support for the following:

Food and drinks for the day - £120

Glucose and water - £25

Police support to clear roads - £25

Footwear support for 20 runners - £80

Prizes for the winners - £50

Total: £300

We hope you can help us achieve this small target, to ensure the race can go ahead efficiently.  If we can raise more, then we can support more children with footwear and possibly provide T-shirts to the registered participants.

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