Kosovo Sports Relief - Goalball

Kosovo Sports Relief - Goalball

Our team will be running a 10k race to raise funds for ten goalball teams in Kosovo.

We did it!

On 14th Aug 2015 we successfully raised £2,541 with 76 supporters in 56 days

Project aim

Running 10k to raise funds for ten goalball teams in Kosovo. For more info hit the link: 


About the project

Dear friends of Kosovo Sports Relief,  

On 19th July 2015, for the second year running, members of the Kosovo Sports Relief are participating in the 10K charity run at Olympic park in London. 

The aim is to build on the last year success whereby we raised funds for 10 multi-sports wheelchairs, which we donated to HandiKos. Very many thanks to those who kindly contributed to this success, it has been much appreciated, and has transformed the lives of a great number of paraplegic sports men and women. 

This year we are hoping to raise funds in support of the Kosovo Sports Federation for the Blind and partially sighted people, in particular goalball teams. Suffering from lack of funding they can’t afford even the minimum equipment required which would enable them to compete with each other or organise any tournaments. 

All funds raised will go towards buying goals, goalball kits etc which will enable them to play goalball safely and at the same time help their rehabilitation as well as keeping them physically/mentally active.

We hope that you will support us this year, too, and thank you in advance for your generosity.

With many thanks and kind regards, 
Kosovo Sports Relief Team London: Ymka Stanovci, Baki Ejupi, Faton Gërbeshi, Nita Binxhiu Demiri, Halil Demiri, Arben Haxhijaha and 
supporting team in Prishtina, Kosova: Arton Humolli, Gonxhe Gërxhaliu and Flaka Krajkova. 

* Kosovo Sports Relief is a voluntary charitable initiative whose aim is to raise money in support of some of the most vulnerable sections of the Kosovo society.

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