Kool Hedz - Cooling Cricket Helmet

We are raising funds to get this product manufactured and to market

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Playing cricket as a child I realised that wearing a helmet regardless of temperature I would always sweat excessivley.  As a result my concentration would be effected in some cases it would completley go.  


Keep your cool in match defining moments with Kool Hedz. 

Kool Hedz a cricket safety helmet with an integrated cooling system.
The strategically placed fans provide a constant cool air flow around the head. The fans are incorporated into the helmet without compromising on style and comfort
It is well known that heat exhaustion and fatigue can lead to loss in concentration
With the use of Kool Hedz helmet effects of heat exhaustion are reduced enabling you to focus on your task in hand.

The helmet can be used without operating the fans as a conventional helmet.  

Having produced prototype's of the hemlet I am eager to get this product to professionals and out to the market as I believe this is a great way to reduce sweating and the concentration of professionals especially in the peak moments during a game.