Kodi Rehabilitation

To raise funds for Kodi my 12 year old Siberian Husky to go through rehabilitation so he can walk and one day run again.

We did it!

On 28th Apr 2017 we successfully raised £850 with 39 supporters in 14 days

On the 20th March Kodi contracted a rare virus (in this country) Acute Canine Idiopathic Polyneuropathy, the virus progressed to the point of losing the use of all four limbs, fortunately it did not reach his respiratory system.

Now its stopped we need to get him back on his feet again, through lots of physiotherapy which he has responded well too so far, but its going to be a long road back.

Kodi is getting very stressed out in vet kennels so we are moving him to a Rehabilation centre in Guildford to give him the care and attention he needs. We have expended all insurance funds, through tests, kennels and physiotherapy and now paying ourselves so everyone that knows my awesome lad I'm sure would like to see him back on his feet. So asking people for just a few pounds that can help him to go on great walks again with his brother.

Kodi, normally fit as a fiddle, never been to the vets previously- he is both cheeky and stubborn! Thats why I know he can come back from this!

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