Knoydart Community Hall - A Highland Hall for All

Renovation and extension of a small community owned hall on Knoydart, remote west coast, Scotland.

We did it!

On 16th Mar 2018 we successfully raised £29,115 with 354 supporters in 56 days



Knoydart Community Hall is where we, the folk of this remote peninsula, meet and discuss. The Hall is where music and culture happen. But Knoydart Hall is in desperate need of new facilities and more than a lick of paint.
We'd love you to help us finance the works!

Our overall funding target for the project is £418,000. We will access three-quarters of this through Agency and Charitable Trust funding. The project is on schedule to start this spring.

Help the community raise its quarter share by supporting this crowdfunder to its target of £35,000. We will do the rest.


The Place and the Project

Knoydart is a beautiful, mountainous peninsula on the west coast of Scotland serviced only by passenger ferry.  To get here you either walk 17 miles(at least) or jump on a boat. The area is a great wee home to 110 residents and a fantastic destination for thousands of annual visitors. But despite all of the undoubted attractions, Knoydart is still a small and fragile community that suffers from a lack of amenity. There is only one public built space here - the beautiful and thoroughly falling to bits Knoydart Community Hall

Built in 1958 the brick fabric of the building is in a parlous state. But while it leaks and creaks, with no hot water, little insulation and render falling off the wall, it limps on each year as the heart of all things community on Knoydart. It hosts meetings of all the community companies and organisations (7 and counting), weddings, church services, community meals, arts and cultural events, school plays, training events, school gym, ceilidhs and full-on jump up and down concerts. Even in the best of condition the Hall would no longer be fit for purpose given the activity that occurs within it. If the hall is to continue to host, expand and offer a focus for our community and the many visitors and friends of Knoydart, it must be redeveloped. This redevelopment is the main priority for the community.


The People and Organisations

The population of Knoydart sits at about 110. This is a significant rise from the low point for the population in the 1980's when no more that 70 hardy souls counted the place as home. The people of Knoydart work for a strong mix of community and privately owned businesses that are active in the tourism, forestry, power generation, internet provision and land management sectors. All the people and organisations use the hall. You can learn more about the hall and see drawings of the project at the website:

You can also follow our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts:

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Knoydart Community Hall is a Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation(SC027845). It exists to benefit the community.

Why are we Crowdfunding?

We are starting the project in Spring 2018. We have a part-time Development Officer helping to take the project forward. The Hall Committee, who are all volunteering huge amounts of time, are shouldering the rest of the project organisation. The estimated project cost is £418,000 which the outline funding plan sees as coming from three source groups: Agency Funding - £170,000, Charitable Trust Funding - £143,000, Community organised funding - £105,000

The Commmunity and Knoydart Community Hall SCIO have a diverse mix of initiatives in place to try to raise the sub-total of £105,000. The Hall will be dipping into its own reserves, the local population will be supporting with fundraisers, merchandise, events, volunteering and their own money. This Crowdfunding platform is supported by local volunteers and will compliment the other efforts.

The Crowdfunder platform offers us the chance to make real connections with people who love Knoydart and want to see it continue to prosper. It gives our friends and visitors the opportunity to connect in a tangible way with the future of the peninsula.
 With your crowdfunder support we aim to reach a crowdfund target of £35K

What have we done so far?

A lot of work round and about the proposed development has been concluded. Financial planning and banking changes, visualisations and drawings, new logos, social media profiles, events programme, local consultations, legal work and changing the constitution have all been achieved over the last year or so.

The final drawing/layout was agreed at the most recent AGM. Drawings have been submitted for Planning Permission approval. Outline costs have  beeen finalised with the Architect and Quantity Surveyor. A project plan, along with a five year business plan, are in place. There is much anticipation in the community as the project starts to take shape.


Lets build together - rewards for all

We want to start building  this Spring. We need a viable venue for all our activity as soon as possible. There are up to 4 community events every week all year and they need to have someplace to call home.
You, our friends and co-funders,  can help us take the project and the community forward. Your pledges will receive a reward in proportion to the amount you pledge and there is something for everyone. The minimum pledge is £5 - the largest is £2500! with lots more in-between. The rewards will allow you to have a direct connection with the Hall and Community. We think that they are attractive and fun. Have a look and see what suits you.

You're awesome

Thank you for stopping by.

If you know Knoydart you'll know just how important our Hall is for everyone and you've likely danced your socks off at a ceilidh or two.

If you're new to Knoydart our door is wide open and we are sure if you make the boat trip (or walk in!) to get here you'll know why its such an amazing place to visit, revisit,  stay and play. 

You're awesome ................... thank you!

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