Know the true health of your soil

New, UK exclusive soil food web testing service made possible by funding training with the best expert in the world - Dr. Elaine Ingham.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Here's why some of the backers chose to pledge:

"We grew the medicinal forest garden on a plot of land that previously had a commercial sitka spruce planting. I want to see the result of ten years of my work restoring the soil." Anne Stobart - Holt Wood Herbs

"We've moved to a small holding and are working up a permaculture design to become a land centre. It'll be useful to have the analysis to see the soil condition now and then in a few years time." Carole Egner - permaculture designer and practitioner

"In part I wanted to help get another person into this important work, and in part I wanted an inexpensive test for my market garden soil." Doug Smith - Giant Veg and small scale salad grower


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