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Knockando Outdoor Fitness Trail

by Margery Swinton in Knockando, Scotland, United Kingdom

Knockando Outdoor Fitness Trail
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The Athletics Group want to help the community improve loneliness, mental and physical health, through use of a free fitness trail.

by Margery Swinton in Knockando, Scotland, United Kingdom

                                     Knockando Outdoor Fitness Trail

ACCESS ISSUES: We are a small isolated rural area in NE Scotland.  We have no public transport and are 10 miles from a GP and 20 miles from a hospital with limited specialists. Our nearest large hospital is Aberdeen, 75 miles away.  

Time is of the essence with a stroke or heart attack, and we want to help everybody to become fitter and healthier through having a fitness trail.  It will be free to use. Larger communities have the benefits of community centres with fitness gyms and outdoor sport facilities, accessing these facilities is much harder for those in our area who may not drive, especially the older generation.      

BENEFITS OF THE FITNESS TRAIL: Just because we are small and rural does not mean we should be ignored. We are trying to help our elderly stay fitter for longer; those with mental health issues, where exercising can help by raising the endorphin levels and so helps them feel better; our young people of all ages to get fitter and enjoy exercising outdoors; and young mothers, whose partners may work away leaving them isolated and unable to access sports facilities because of their small children.  Our project enables those children to be safe by their mothers whilst they exercise.  It is designed to benefit the entire community, and hopefully encourage a healthier lifestyle which reduces pressure on precious resources, such as the NHS.

The outdoor fitness trail would act as a meeting place, a non-intimidating exercise facility, with fresh air. It will be open to everyone who wishes to use it, whenever they can, and will have a variety of exercise machines to cater for all ages and fitness levels. The trail will be located near the school and church and each machine includes a simple guide on how to use it safely. 

HOW MUCH! Each piece of equipment has to be professionally installed at a cost and has delivery charges as well as the original purchase price to pay.   For example a leg press may cost around £1300 but we need to raise a fair bit more to include the additional costs.   The benefits of these machines however is that they are built to withstand the weather and require little maintenance once they are in place.   This means that the community, and any visitors, can gain maximum benefit from them almost all year round. 

                                    PLEASE HELP US TO HELP OURSELVES


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£20 or more

£20 Reward

For a pledge of £20 we would send you a massive THANKYOU and an invite to one of our four long and triple jump open graded competitions to be held in the summer of 2020. At the end of the competition we provide tea/coffee/water and biscuits/cakes. The venue is also close to the site of the fitness trail so you would have an opportunity to see, and try out, the machines that your donation helped to provide.

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