Killing's My Living

Aaaaaaarrrrrrrrrggggggghhhhhhhhhhh! That's what they say when I kill them. If I give them enough time. A comedy about murder for money.

We did it!

On 8th Jun 2015 we successfully raised £8,100 of £8,000 target with 78 supporters in 28 days

New stretch target

We are fortunate enough to raise more than £8000 the remaining funds will be split between marketing the film and ensuring that it goes as far as it possibly can and paying people something closer to their actual worth rather than the heavily discounted rates we will initially be insulting them with. Plus I intend to take a bath in used tenners and then set fire to them. I will film this and the resultant trip to A&E for your LOLS.

We are looking for a bit of extra cash to help in making a funny and rather brutal short film "Killing's My Living", about an inept murderer-for-hire, who does his business by the seaside. It's written and directed by Toby Amies, starring punk rock and underground acting legend, The Shend. 

What is it all about?

This deeply black comedy explores world of a lo-cost hired killer who's much less worried about the morality of what he does than the practicality of how to get rid of so many dead bodies. Think of it as a mutant cross between Brighton Rock, Blade Runner and Weekend at Bernie's

Creative England are so excited about this unholy notion they have pledged £5000 to make it happen (no matter what you hear, threats of violence were NOT involved). The film is set in sinister Saltdean on the Sussex coast and we are now looking for a final bit of funding to finish the job and raise the production values from slightly scary to completely terrifying.  

Who on Earth are we? 

The last film the team behind Killing's My Living made was shot in a council flat in Brighton and finished off in a garden shed, and from there played at festivals internationally, got a national cinema release in the UK, received four-star reviews from The Guardian, The Times, and The Independent, and will soon be broadcast on Film 4. Mark Kermode called it "terrific". 

The Shend is starring in a role written specifically for him and his unique ability convey both threat and vulnerability in a single glance, Toby Amies is directing, Rob Alexander is producing, Chris Pelling is doing the graphics and Steve Mason (yes! That Steve Mason, ex of The Beta Band and King Biscuit Time) is composing the soundtrack. We are VERY lucky filmmakers to be keeping such excellent company. Will you join us? 

Why we need your help...

We're setting up this campaign because we'd like your help to bring another film to the big screen as the last one did pretty well, also thanks to kind people like you. Actually it did amazingly well. But even though Creative England have 5 grand's worth of faith in us, we still need a few more quids to make this film look really dark, especially evil and horribly realistic.

Toby says: "I find most short films a bit flimsy and I want to make something that's under five minutes but feels ENORMOUS. If you know me, my work, and about my credit card debts, you will also know that I am not in this for the money. Everything I can put onscreen to entertain an audience, I will. But whilst I am happy to suffer for my art, I don't see why anyone else should."

So we're asking for your contributions to help us hire the professionals to make this film punch, strangle, and stab above its weight.

What will we do with your money?

Naturally, because we have a background in the music business the temptation is to spend it all on sex and drugs, but more prosaically/less depressingly, we will spend it on stuff like better food and higher wages for our crew. We couldn't be making this film at all without the freedom afforded to us by digital technology, but the real, and perfectly reasonable, cost of filmmaking is human. Funnily enough, people worth working with who take their art seriously, actually make a living from it, and demand (sweetly, but firmly) paying. If we make the full 3k the money will go on a great sound mix and picture grade, perhaps a song clearance, better wages and catering.  

 What will the film be like? 

The idea is to make the audience laugh and gasp in sheer horror at the same time. Our funding video was shot very quickly but hopefully you can also get a rough idea of the final film's aesthetic and sensibility from it, no budget notwithstanding. We like movies that create conflicting emotions in us, as we try to accommodate some new possibilty of what it means to be human.  Visually, it's an English Film Noir with splashes of colour. The sound design will be very important and Steve Mason has already started making some wonderfully dark music. Here is the Pinterest board for the film and below is a sort of scrapbook thing to give you an idea of some of the movies that have inspired Toby and some of the films that he will just be ripping off directly...


What do you get?

Love from us and valuable stuff for you! With your help the film will be great and look terrific, and the t shirts will be SEXY (see our fancy draft logo done by the talented Chris Pelling) but I think the most fun perk will be the Launch Party (and we might even do two, one in London and another in Brighton). Toby knows a lot of people in the disco business and can throw a Hell of a hoedown. 


Will you join us?


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