Klove: eco-friendly app for preloved childrenswear

by Greg Holmes in Salford, England, United Kingdom

Klove: eco-friendly app for preloved childrenswear
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We are currently developing a mobile app for the preloved childrenswear market with the aim of reducing the 350k tonnes sent to landfill p.a

by Greg Holmes in Salford, England, United Kingdom

The issue

The global market size of the babies and children clothes & footwear is valued at over £160bn, according to Euromonitor. The UK on its own is in excess of £7.5bn, meaning there are roughly 75bn items of clothing & footwear purchased in the UK each year*. 

Clothing Aid suggests that >350,000 tonnes of clothing go to landfill each year in the UK - equivalent to nearly 1,200 Boeing 747s!  This means a value of £140m of wearable clothing or c.30% or your child's current wardrobe will end up at landfill.

Our recent market survey into the buying and selling habits of children's second-hand clothes suggests that parents typically replace their children's wardrobe between once and twice a year (upto five times a year for newborns!) and so the question stands - what happens to these clothes once they are no longer required?


The current options available

Our market survey reveals that >90% parents look to sell their pre-loved children's clothes, but almost all are not satisfied with the current options available to them, both online and offline. We have seen recurring themes emerge where busy mums and dads are spending hours listing their clothes on social media and are continuously let down by potential buyers or are unwilling to navigate mass-market marketplaces to find the right products for their child. High selling fees on existing marketplaces, often including a fixed-cost element, further reduces the money going to a parents wallet.

>95% of parents said they would be very interested in a tailored marketplace which allows them to quickly list or find pre-loved children's clothes for sale and allow them to transact in a safe environment. 


The Klove Solution

We are looking to save parents the hundreds of hours they currently waste each year trawling both online and offline in search of pre-loved children's clothes, as well as offering sellers an environmentally friendly and sustainable way or getting rid of clothes they no longer require. 

We will also provide a free platform for charities to sell their clothes to a wider audience than through footfall alone, as well as providing the facility for sellers to opt to donate their clothes to participating charities rather than selling on the App. 

 The Klove app will initially focus together on the following products: 

  • Preloved children's clothes between the ages of 0-10 and allowing buyers to search for relevant products by gender, age, clothing type, colour and brands

  • Handmade children's clothes, both new and preloved, from ethical clothes makers 


Our USP 

So you might be wondering what's different about our App? Having spent hours researching the market, and significant input from parents through our survey, it is clear that there are no solutions out there that solve this problem for parents, and the amount of clothing going to UK landfill sites continues to grow. 

We are part way through developing our app and are extremely excited about progress so far! We believe we can bring an innovative and highly functional app to the market within the next few months that has unique functionality not seen elsewhere in the market to date. We have spoken with 100s of parents and incorporated their views into the app to ensure we have their buy in from Day 1 of launch! 

No other app on the market differentiates their proposition for charities - we believe it is extremely important to give back and that is why we are offering them a free platform to help them with their funding and reducing unnecessary landfill waste. 


How will the money be spent?

We plan to spend 100% of the money raised on the continued development of the App. We have also made significant personal contributions into the ongoing running costs of the business, marketing spend and App development.




* Assuming an average of ~£10 per item

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