KK Asset Management Ltd

by Kevin King in Melling, England, United Kingdom


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To create an investment business into worldwide financial markets

by Kevin King in Melling, England, United Kingdom

Can I have your attention please?

I wonder if you can help me?

"This is for all you people who once in your life, had the kindness of someone who helped you become the better person you are today!"

All in all, I need your help today!  for a business that will be good for my future, I need you to donate on the crowd funder page. The money being raised is to help with initial costs, set-up fees, and overheads just why I get going....

My company being set up will be called KK Asset Management Ltd.  It is an investment company that will invest on behalf of clients, using only their funds for a share of profits.  With personal excellence and a great team with a proven track record, this will make this company a beacon of light for investors.

No money raised to help set up will be invested.


Over the last 7 years my life has been through a terrible ordeal. Even though others tried to break me.  I got it together and now it looks like finally the pendulum is swinging back! I am improving so I will be seen by others from a different angle.

I am a good person who needs a bit of assistance from you today.  Over the years I have kindly donated my time to charities, and worthy causes including Woodlands Hospice Fun Run! You will be making a difference to someone who definitely deserves this chance.

Click on the link and pick the amount you can kindly donate!

Thank you for your time and I would appreciate your vote of confidence! with a donation

All the best


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All donations of £100 will receive a investment voucher worth £50 which I will invest for you but you will receive the money + profits

Let's make 'KK Asset Management Ltd' happen

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