Kitty-Cat go Zoom

by Gabrielle Jones in Peterlee, England, United Kingdom

Kitty-Cat go Zoom


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Help to keep the cats if possible. I am terrified, heartbreaking, only to think about rehoming any of them as I can not provide for them.

by Gabrielle Jones in Peterlee, England, United Kingdom

Covid-19 had impact on my family, taking away my husband, leaving behind 2 hungry cats and a manual car I can not drive, losing my job next. Living in an area with no good public transport network to get in time to work, it's a dead end.

With no other family members to help, we only had ourselves, now we have to reset our lives around, the hope is great, I am in a bad health condition myself but I will survive if I have those 2 little angels to give me a good motivation. Any help to keep my 2 cats home and healthy, over this temporary hardship situation, is welcomed.

I need an automatic car to be on time to work as a long-term solution to get back on track, which is over my budget.

1633739204_get2021-10-09.jpgPets are family members to. I am terrified if I have to rehome at least one of them, heartbreaking only to think about. I am aware others have a similar situation, I was told there is no more space for pets sent away by the owners facing hardship situations, and the pets are the 1st line of sacrifice followed by the old people, next the children's.  Lilly and Mike are indoor cats forever, they have never been able to really hunt for themselves being of white colour, too old now to change the owner, would be extremely traumatizing.

Lilly-cat have a bad health condition, she needs a vet urgently, I can not afford right now, I am sick myself; and she needs it asap.

With just a little donation you can make a difference. Don't be shy and be the 1st to make a donation, breaking the "ice".

Kitty Cat, most interesting:

  • "The Lunch"- sometimes  from 11am to 1pm.
  • "Hunting Games" -3pm to 6pm,  birds watching or imaginary mice catching.
  • "Late Dinner"-anytime from 10pm to 1am
  • "Bath Ordeal"-5th and 6th then 20th and 21st day of the month.
  • "Meds Time"-on 10th, every month.




Contact me for Zoom Id and Access Code.

Thank You.

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