Kiss Kiss.(2017) Student Short Film

Kiss Kiss.(2017) Student Short Film

We are raising funds for our short experimental drama film as part of our final project and portfolio for our future in the media industry!

We did it!

On 27th Mar 2017 we successfully raised £120 with 2 supporters in 21 days

Kiss Kiss (2017) is a story around an attractive and seductive woman that lures men to her home to cause them pain and distress which ends with a deadly kiss. Although, things don't go as planned as Nancy hoped it would. There's a twist, which makes a supprising discovery that not only Nancy lives this type of life style, but there's another opponant who's after the same thing. This was written by Lacy Redfern, which we hope to make into a successful short film completed by May.  Influences from Under The Skin (2014) and Basic instinct (1992).


Lacy Redfern - Writer/Director of Kiss Kiss. 

Paige Redfern -Producer/ Editor of Kiss Kiss. 

Stephanie Salame - Production Designer. 



As we want kiss kiss to be close to real life as possible we have decided to use 3 locations. a pub, a studio, and a street scene with a van. Therefore around 350 pounds of the pledges will go towards the pub scene, the van we need to hire and also a studio so we could create a bedroom scene. 

PROPS- £150

Props are what brings the film together ! instead of having an empty room, we need objects and accesories to make the room look and feel real. Also we would need to provide costumes for the actors. 


Being students based in luton we need to get down to london and also provide transport for our actors for our filming days. 


We would need to make sure our crew and cast have full energy to do 8 hours long of filming! so food and drinks are a must! 


We want to give you something in return! 

Posters, dvds and production packs! 


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