Kiryos - UK Content Filtering Bypass Device

We are looking to launch an open source hardware VPN client that can be used by any computer user in the UK to bypass new content filtering mechanisms introduced by the government and Internet Service Providers.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Say hello to Kiryos, a simple device trying to do something good. Coming in 2014, the government and Internet Service Providers are attempting to change how people interact with  the Internet and what material they can see on it. Although we support the idea behind these changes (protecting children) we don't appreciate the censorship. That's where Kiryos comes in.

Parental filters to prevent children accessing pornographic or harmful materials are necessary. Filtering technologies to prevent terrorists gaining access to harmful information are necessary. What is not necessary is having ISPs apply such filters automatically. Starting in 2014, new connections to UK based Internet Service Providers will require users to opt out filtering. This may not only be a time consuming process, but also have a number of privacy concerns. Additionally, there are for example, proposals to filter "esoteric materials" (whatever they may be).

Kiryos is designed to allow users to use the Internet as they see fit. Shipping preconfigured, Kiryos connects to a number of free Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) allowing for unrestricted and unfiltered wireless Internet access. There is no messy set up, merely, plug, play, and browse.

Designed on Raspberry Pi hardware and using open software, Kiryos has been developed with ease of use at its core. Presently there exists a technical barrier where only technologists (or at least serious hobbyists) can utilise VPN connections. Kiryos allows anyone who can plug in a wire, and click on a web page, to have unfiltered Internet without the necessity of contacting their ISP.

There are a number of key advantages to Kiryos, namely:

Wireless - You connect to Kiryos using a secure wireless connection. If you don't want to share the connection (for example with children in the household) then you don't have to.

Ease of Use - Plug Kiryos in, select what package you want to use, start surfing.

Extensibility - Kiryos is provided on a pre-configured Raspberry Pi. Should you decide you want to extend it, re-design it, or even re-purpose the hardware, you can with ease.

The technology is designed and tested (Proof of Concept code running on stock Raspian - the production model will be based around Arch with SELinux) but we need your help. To allow us to scale and ship, we need to order in bulk. As a small start up we can't do that. You can help us to. Each contribution, however large or small will be used to help us to realise our goal of establishing a supply chain and delivering Kiryos at the cheapest cost we can to the most amount of people.