Kirstin's 40th Birthday Gift Fund - Finish Tattoo

by scrollergaz in Bristol, England, United Kingdom

Kirstin's 40th Birthday Gift Fund  - Finish Tattoo
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chip in to a group 40th present for Kirstin from all her friends and family - us Getting her tattoo completed would mean so much to her

by scrollergaz in Bristol, England, United Kingdom

The Tattoo is an on going piece but i know its really bugging Kirstin that she has not had the spare cash to spend on the rest of tattoo and it every time she tries to squirrle something away life happens and the savings are go els where.

So i think its about a grand in total to get it completed (handpicked by goldilox who is very good) 

 I Have put aside £500.00 as a surprise for her on her birthday celebration in 23 bath street in september but i would like to be-able to  see her get it all done so if you where thinking of getting kirstin a little something why not chip in to this instead? 

I will make up a card with everyones names in and give it her on the night 

thanks guys 


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video of kirstin being tattooed (by request of dan C) (last time she had a little bit of shock)

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