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Kinshare provides co-living opportunities to families with children, specifically single parent families.

by Sherina McMillan in London, England, United Kingdom

Co Living For Families

Kinshare aims to help families with children access shared living opportunities, enabling them to benefit from the many advantages community living provides.  It is specifically aimed at single parent families, who often experience isolation and economic hardship.  Co-living reduces isolation, helping parents form a close support network; it also enables parents to save money by sharing childcare, bills, transport etc.  Furthermore, household chores can be shared, reducing daily pressure on parents and enabling them to spend more quality time with their children and the household community.

About Me

Having been a single parent with two young children, and currently a single parent once again, I am very familiar with the difficulties faced by single parent families raising children.  My background is in special education and I always worked full time and used childcare; I was blessed to have the holidays off but I certainly found working full time and juggling the demands of the household, child-rearing and work incredibly difficult.  I felt isolated, lonely, exhausted, disorganised and broke, thus the idea of Kinshare was borne many moons ago but it's only recently that I've decided to take the plunge and make the dream a reality for myself and other families.

What other options are available?

Similar projects are available for singletons in the UK, such as The Collective, where even the buildings are designed to inspire and connect the community.  In the US, there are more options available for families with children; Co-Abode matches single parents who are looking to share accommodation (though they do not provide the accommodation).  Many testimonials on the Co-Abode website demonstrate the positive impact this type of living can have for single parent families.  More ambitious is Kin, part of Common, which is a first-of-its-kind housing, driven by community, powered by technology, and tailor-made to help families thrive in today’s cities. Though not aimed specifically at single parent families, and probably being more expensive, it certainly capitalises on the benefits of community living.

How will the money raised help?

The vision is for Kinshare to be structured in the form of a Social Enterprise; thus, although Kinshare will endeavour to make a profit from its operations, the primary purpose will be to deliver social benefits. The money raised will help towards acquiring our first property (either by buying or using the rent to rent strategy), renovating and furnishing the property and marketing to grow the database of potential co-living families.


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No Deposit for a Kinshare Property

If you move into a Kinshare property within its first year of business, you will not have to put down a deposit with your first month's rent.

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