King & Colonel 2017

Exciting new musical play on Elvis Presley's rise to fame, and his fascinating relationship with his manager Colonel Parker.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Big Theatre Backing

The Lowry Theatre in Manchester have offered us a week's run in 2017 to premiere KING & COLONEL, and launch us on a UK tour.

KING & COLONEL  focuses on the fascinating relationship Elvis had with his manager, Colonel Thomas Parker.  How was the Colonel able to manipulate Elvis the way he did?  Why did Elvis always do what the Colonel said?  All this and more is answered in the play.  

With a full cast of actors and musicians the extraordinary life and music of The King of Rock 'n' Roll is brought back life, with a finale that will have you dancing in the aisle.

Join the Fun

We have some great Elvis themed rewards as a way of saying THANK YOU. 

The Wonder Of Elvis

An amazing privilege to have been interviewed by the BBC about the show.  

Money Honey

To build this show and get it on the UK road, we need £40,419.73.  If we can raise £17,800 through crowdfunding, then were on the road. The remainder of all our costs will be covered through ticket sales. 

Some of our expenses at a glance: 
• Hire of The Lowry, Quays Theatre for one week
• 2 Weeks Rehearsal Space
• Hiring an excellent Director for 4 weeks
• Musical Director for 3 weeks
• Paying a Set Designer to design, then build a fabulous 1950s Set
• Hiring 22 Costumes fit for a King and his company
• Equity rates for 8 talented, presently out of work Actors and Musicians for 3 weeks
• Bread and water to throw at them periodically
• Public Liability Insurance in case somebody throws their back out swivelling their hips too passionately
• Marketing to get the word out there - bums on seats!
• Stage Manager to get everyone on stage on time - you know, like Scooter from the Muppets
• Producer to find Producers - go figure
• General Manager to look after the daily running of the show and pamper the actors - they’re a sensitive bunch darling!
• 2 Stage Hands for 6 shows
• Designing and printing of the programmes and flyers 

 I'm feeling lightheaded…

Then there is shooting the DVD: 
• Hiring 4 High Quality Cameras
• 4 Film Crew and 1 Hairy Shouldered Tattooed Technician who answers to the name of, "The Wolf" 
• Sound equipment
• A Crane (of the metal, not feathered variety)
• Microphones
• Hiring an editor to grow a beard, and spend days locked in his bedroom editing it all together.

Loving You

With your support KING & COLONEL will become a reality.