KINETA: Energised by nature, not by chemicals.

by Leane Bramhall - Kineta Founder in Totnes, England, United Kingdom

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Help us energise the nation with the launch of our, super tasty and organic, Kineta Better Energy bar.

by Leane Bramhall - Kineta Founder in Totnes, England, United Kingdom

New stretch target

With this extra amount of funding we can develop new recipes, research new energy giving ingredients, develop and update the packaging and make the product more accessible/ available to you and the nation. Help us Energise the Nation further with this new target!


Help us energise the nation with the launch of our, super tasty and organic, Kineta Better Energy bar! This campaign will help us take our recipes out of the kitchen and on to a shelf near you.

Our ingredients are simple, organic and Vegan. The recipe is designed to work in harmony with your body for day-long energy whilst being super tasty.


To inspire our consumers to live a healthy more vibrant life. Energised by nature, not by chemicals.


If you are anything like me, you crave more energy daily but are increasingly concerned about synthetically sourced Caffeine, artificial ingredients, additives and preservatives. As a result, we are seeking more natural products for a better (and more balanced) energy fix.

Matcha has been the preferred energy source in Japan for centuries, however, here in the UK we are only just recognising the benefits this ingredient delivers. 

Over the next 5 years,  I believe the energy category will be moving away from the harder, faster, stronger, chemically fuelled energy products of today into more balanced, gentle and sustained energy products of tomorrow. By that, I mean a food and drink range that works in harmony with the body for a better energy fix. 

That is why we have launched our campaign to energise the nation with 'a better energy'.


Founded in 2015, Kineta is a 'better energy' company based on the edge of Dartmoor, Devon. Having discovered the energising benefits of Matcha whilst exploring Japan, I wanted everyone to feel as amazing as I did. That was the day I launched Kineta.

Matcha has been used for centuries for it's energising properties. Samurai warriors drank it before battle and Zen Buddhist monks drink it to flow through meditation whilst remaining alert. More and more people are turning to Matcha for a healthy, natural energy hit. 

To date, we have developed and sold a range of Organic matcha powder, matcha Gift Sets and 'ready to drink' Organic matcha drinks to energise you on the go. Our plans are far bigger than this. Keep reading to find out more…


  • Top Marks for Taste: Our range has received 3 Great Taste Awards
  • Energise the Nation: Since launch, we have energised 83,000 people
  • Innovation: New Organic product of the year finalist
  • Export Success: Successfully launched in 6 export countries with our current range.


We need your help to raise £12,250 to develop the recipes and produce the first batch of our amazing new Organic Raw Energy bars in retail ready packaging.   


With your help, we can create a delicious better energy bar with outstanding packaging and send the finished product to you to taste and enjoy leaving you full of energy to make the most of the day!

Thank you for reading this far,

Please pledge today and together we can energise the nation! 

Lots of love,

Leane x


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£21 or more

Energise Your Day

We will send you one of our tasty new better energy bars fresh off the line and a 30g tin (= 30 servings) of Finest Matcha powder to supercharge your day! Including delivery within the UK.

£25 or more

Energise Your Fornight

You'll receive 14 of our delicious new Organic better energy bars. You'll be one of the first to ever try them as they'll be coming fresh off the line and sent directly to you.

£50 or more

Energy Booster Pack

A months supply of our delicious new better energy bars (30) PLUS One pack of Matcha infusion PODs to energise your water bottles on the go. Including delivery in the UK.

£75 or more

10% Discount for Life

10% discount for life across all products sold through our website. Simple!

£100 or more

The Gift of Energy

Two Weeks supply (15) of our delicious better energy bars PLUS a months supply (30g) of Finest Matcha powder PLUS our Kineta Premium Gift Set which includes an elegant black box, a handmade ceramic matcha bowl, a 100-prong bamboo whisk and whisk holder, a bamboo tea scoop,

£200 or more

Energise your TEAM

Ideal for your company, sports team or family and friends! Energise your Team package includes 50 of our delicious new better energy bars PLUS 10 packs of 7 Matcha Infusion PODS for energising your water bottles (70 matcha infusion PODs in total).

£400 or more

Mega-Energy Booster

Super charge your life with 180 of our delicious better energy bars PLUS six months supply ( 6 x 30 g tins) of Everyday Matcha powder . RRP £480 Including delivery in the UK.

£650 or more

0 of 2 claimed

Matcha Master Class

A one-hour master class for five people in how to make the perfect Matcha drink. You will learn how the tea is grown and made into a fine powder which you will then use to make your very own Matcha tea! The reward includes five Traditional Matcha Green Tea Gift Sets each containing a tin of finest organic matcha tea, a handmade ceremonial ceramic bowl, a bamboo whisk, and a bamboo spoon. Class delivered in London and South West UK only.

£1,000 or more

0 of 3 claimed

Personalised Gift of Energy for a Year

One years subscription (one 30g tin per month) of finest Matcha powder PLUS Ceramic hand made Chawan Matcha Bowl in a choice of colours. These ceramic Chawan bowls are incredibly decorative. PLUS a Rare Chasen matcha whisk, hand carved from purple bamboo by a master Japanese artist and engraved with a name of your choice. PLUS a traditionally made bamboo matcha spoon is used to scoop the right amount of matcha engraved with your name.

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