Kindness for Canines - 160 Dogs in Romania

Kindness for Canines - 160 Dogs in Romania

Kindnessfor Canines was sent up to help animals in need.  We locate dogs that are in danger, suffering or neglected and we try to help them.

We did it!

On 23rd Oct 2016 we successfully raised £600 with 13 supporters in 14 days


I will be travelling to Romania on Friday 21st of October to visit a lady who has been housing many stray dogs for a long time now. She works full-time and between her and her friend she feeds these animals once a day after work. She now has 167 dogs kept in a field on some wasteland and the overwhelming task is taking its toll. 

The land is not part of her house and is rented but is not suitable for long term us and is not weather proof for these poor animals to survive winter. 

We need funds to be able to...

  1. A) Weather proof the dilapidated structure. 
  2. B) Take some dogs to the vets and gain a better feel for their poor health. 
  3. C) Take leads, collars and food or purchase over there. 
  4. D) Build a store for the donated food supplies. 
  5. E) Provide the lady with the means to photograph and catalogue these animals for re-homing
  6. F) Support her! She is kind and is now being put on by locals who dump their animals on her, knowing she may help. 

If you can spare any funds towards this project I would be most grateful. You would be buying feed, medicine, wood, materials, bedding, transportation costs, vet checks and injections. But more than that you would be keeping this going until the volunteers in the UK can bring these dogs home to foster homes and new families. 

Long term - if you can support me with rescue work in Romania and in the UK I believe between us we can make a real difference. Whatever your feeling are on these countries or the politics aroud it, please donate anything you can through this secure site to enable me to make the most of the trip and get these dogs out of that cold field. Some will simply not last the winter and together we can do it! 

A little  bit about Kindness for Canines.

It  was sent up by me to help animals in need.  

It aims to achieve this aim in the following ways:

By removing animals from immediate danger and placing them in a better environment until a permanent solution can be found. 

By providing the temporary care giver with the means to care for the animal on a short or long term basis. This is done via monetary support via donations raised, emotional support and hands on support. 

Educating well-meaning volunteers as to the most appropriate care for each animal based on it's past, present and future requirements. 

Food, shelter, warmth, medicine and care for the animals. 

Vet checks, transportation costs and advertisements to re-home animals. 

Shelter fees to free neglected animals from state kill shelters. 

Kindness for Canines will help any animal in need where resources are available to do so. 

Kindness for Canines focuses its efforts in the following places:

The United Kingdom - Primarily focusing around the Midlands, hosting fundraising events for other established rescue centres and worthy causes. 

Romania - Is the heart of the cause. Supporting Romanian foster carers and volunteers to keep their shelters open and their animals cared for whilst awaiting adoption. 

Thailand - Supporting the Soi Dog Foundation with their rescue efforts on the ground and their valuable work to intercept dogs that have been stolen for the cruel dog meat trade. These stolen dogs are often peoples pets. 

Spay and Neuter - Kindness for Canines recognises the importance of this work to slow down the stray population and therefore reduce the need to rescue. Funding the correct veterinary care is a key part of what we do.

Anti- Breeders and Puppy Mills - Kindness for Canines does not support these practices in any way and works hard to petition and close down as many as possible. These practices are cruel and only add to the stray and neglected problem. 

Other 'rescue' centres - Kindness for Canines chooses its beneficiaries and causes very carefully. Either having worked together, visited or in a long term relationship with its current partners. It does not endorse or vouch for ANY third party rescue, it's standards or its monetary spend and is not affiliated with any political or religious group or power. 

Kind ness for Canines is NOT interested in online debates, sharing personal views or punishments and is solely dedicated to the location, rescue, treatment and saviour or the innocent and vulnerable animals it can find. The time that is spent arguing over the cause could be spent saving animals - we will always favour this option and will always leave the politics to another sector.  Kindness for Canines abides by the law in which country it is operating in. 

It does however recognise with a full heart the wonderful, selfless, dedicated and generous members of the community who share this same goal and it thanks them for their continued support. 

Kindness for Canines is run by one person. All donations go towards the above aim and NO monies are taken for personal use. 

Thank you


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