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Help ensure the survival of your favourite East End craft beer bottleshop + bar by effectively pre-purchasing your beers (and then some!)

by Kill The Cat in London, England, United Kingdom

New stretch target

If we're able to surpass our goal it means we'll be able to extend our online advertising campaign and provide even greater security for our returning staff.

Back in March, Covid-19 forced us to close our doors for 3 months, but it couldn't keep us down forever. On July 2nd we re-opened, albeit tentatively, but we were keen to get back up and running and serve the good people of the East End once more (and naturally we all needed a beer or two by that point!).

Since then, and faced with the on-going adverse trading conditions, we have invested heavily in, and pioneered new ways of, reaching and serving our customers (both existing and new). These have included:

- Website: We've created an all new e-commerce site, built from the ground up.

- Virtual tastings: Offering folks the opportunity to have a guided tasting from the comfort of their own homes.

- Virtual shopping: Offering individuals the ability to browse our shelves and receive the same expert advice from afar via video calls.

- Outdoor seating: We have (finally!) been able to obtain a pavement license so we can expand our capacity (in the real world).

All this alongside implementing the government's guidelines to ensure we're operating as safely as possible. So it's fair to say it's been a busy time!


The trouble is, implementing all these changes and new additions comes at a price, and given we're operating at a vastly reduced capacity at the moment, we need your help to survive this incredibly uncertain period.

However, us cats aren't ones for licking our wounds, we want to look ahead and work towards making the new normal work for us, but we can't do it alone.

By pledging your money now, you will not only be helping us survive in the short term, but you'll also be helping us build a stronger, more robust business that can thrive in the long run. 

Here's how we intend to use the money we raise:

- Website: We have built a good foundation so far, but we plan to further invest in our online shop to bring you even more beers and an enhanced shopping experience, all based around the same curiosity factor you get in-store.

- Online Advertising: We need to promote our shiny new online store, with the aim of expanding our reach so we can attract more customers to our online and virtual offerings.

- Bring Back Staff: We want to get our amazing staff back to work as soon as possible. This is not only key for staff welfare but will also allow us to get back to our normal trading hours (7 days a week).

Each of these actions will either directly or indirectly result in a better all round experience for you, our valued customer.

To summarise the situation using a cat analogy (as we are prone to doing), it feels like we've been dropped from a great height, and with the ground rapidly approaching we need your help to ensure this cat lands on its feet.

Thanks for reading, and thanks even more if you're able to support us.


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