Subsidised Far-UVC 222nm anti-Covid lamps for SMEs

by Philip Emsley in Woolley, England, United Kingdom


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We aim to make Far-UVC 222nm technology affordable for small businesses eg. shops and cafe's to help them recover from the Covid fallout.

by Philip Emsley in Woolley, England, United Kingdom

So i put my team together in early 2020 when the pandemic really started to take hold. 

My team consists of a futurologist (great job title) Iain, and he is an expert in technology and renewable energy, then there is Keith, he is an amazing chap who is just good at everything, he is an electrical and mechanical engineer and is well connected. Lisa is my energy engineer and marketing guru. She has built businesses in the past and sold them successfully, she even bought and sold her parents engineering business. Peter is my finance man, an ex-Zurich guru and experienced at everything financial and legal. Finally, Liang. He is from China and has saved us where the UK government has failed us and invested his own money to help us build a successful enterprise. Liang is from the automotive industry and has decided to live right here in the UK in beautiful Bath.

Our vision is to help as many small businesses as we can to make their premises safe from Covid 19, and so we want to use the any funds raised to pay for Far-UVC 222nm lamps to be installed so that customers and clients can visit their premises knowing with the Far-UVC lamp working that Covid19 will not spread and will be killed within seconds. Far-UVC 222nm is the only wavelength of UV light that not only kills pathogens like Covid but is safe for us humans to be exposed to. There are plenty of trials and research papers to support the science. 

Lets help cafes, restaurants and small shops get back to some normality with Far-UVC 222nm technology and with your help we can certainly make their buildings a lot safer for you and I to visit.

Thank you. :)

Let's make 'Subsidised Far-UVC 222nm anti-Covid lamps for SMEs' happen

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