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Zzziiipp! Bringing a new and exciting adventure to Perthshire in the form of a series of zip lines through the forest and across the river!

by Laurie McCandless-Thomas in Killiecrankie, Scotland, United Kingdom

Killiecrankie Zip Park Project

We are bringing a new and exciting adventure activity to Perthshire! The Killiecrankie zip park opening in May this year will offer spectacular views while zipping through the trees and across the River Garry. A visit to the forest has never been this much fun!


The Killiecrankie Zip Park, or Killie Zip as we call it, will be ideal for families, couples, friends or anyone with a sense of adventure.

We have been working hard behind the scenes for over two years and with planning permission granted we are about to start building the course. We are looking to raise an initial amount of £22,000 which will only partially cover the cost of building the park, the rest will be funded by ourselves. The global pandemic may have put a spanner in the works but we are determined to have the park built and running by May this year.

The zip park is in Killiecrankie, Perthshire just a few miles from Pitlochry and literally a stone's throw away from the bungee jump and giant swing site at the Garry Bridge.


Photo - The Garry Bridge, Killiecrankie Valley

The Zip Course

The course will have a series of nine zip lines, two of which will have you zipping across the River Garry and the rest a series of shorter zips from tree to tree. The course is set on the grounds of the National Trust for Scotland and preserving the health of the trees we are using is of our highest importance. During over two years of planning and collaboration with the architect, ecologist and arboriculturalist we have come up with a conclusion which would avoid any unnecessary drilling into trees that would shorten their life span.


Local Tourism Boost

The zip park is located just off the A9 near Pitlochry which is a great stop off point for anyone travelling North or South on the country's longest road. The zip park also offers an exciting activity for families who can also participate with their children as young as eight and will be a massive boost for tourism in the area.


Creating New Employment Opportunities

The park will create new employment and work experience opportunities. We will continue and expand our work experience programme with Breadalbane Academy, offering work placement opportunities for their pupils. The message of support from Breadalbane Academy is as follows.

“The development of a zip park would enhance the opportunities for collaborative working, work placements and seasonal employment.  Breadalbane Academy pupils would see a huge benefit from this in terms of developing their employability skills, but also having great fun too!”

Monica Young, Project Officer Breadalbane Academy

Who are we?

The Killiecrankie Zip Park project is brought to you by the founder of Highland Fling Bungee Ltd Murray Trail and their operations manager Laurie McCandless-Thomas. Creating adventure is our specialty.


Laurie McCandless-Thomas & Murray Trail. Garry Bridge, Killiecrankie.


There are a variety of rewards for your contribution and these include zip line passes, bungee jumping and the giant bridge swing.1611579474_unnamed-1.jpg1611579443_autumn.jpg


How your contribution will help

  • Partially cover some of the costs of construction of the zip park (£22,000)

Further Funding

  • Safety equipment. Including harnesses, zip trolleys and safety lines (£15,000)
  • Partially fund the video and photo operation. This will include photo & video cameras, equipment, computers and editing software (£5,000)

Thank you!

Your contribution means so much, and we can not thank you enough for your help in making our project become a reality.


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£48 or more

Zip for TWO

Grab a friend, partner, family member or even your Tinder date and have a great day out with a zip pass for two.

£20 or more

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Limited Edition Killie Zip T/shirt

Cool. Awesome. LIMITED. Get your hands on one while stocks last. Ladies in black or pink, sizes from XS to XL. Mens in black or red. Sizes from XS to XL. Get it ON!

£20 or more


Have your name on our dedicated webpage FOREVER! A massive THANK YOU in advance for supporting our project. We are grateful for your support of a project that is a very exciting development in Highland Perthshire.

£25 or more

Zip for one

Does what is says on the tin. Come for the FULL ZIP experience! Even BETTER, tell your mates about it so they can also purchase one and make it a day to remember.

£36 or more

19 of 50 claimed

Early Zip Access tickets plus t-shirt

EARLY access zip for one PLUS a Limited-Edition Killie Zip T/shirt. You’ll be among the FIRST people to experience this amazing new attraction. Remember your proverbs… the early bird catches the worm!

£85 or more

Zip for family of 4

TWO adults and TWO children under 16. Mum, Dad, the kids. What better way to spend a fantastic family day out than zipping through the stunning Pass of Killiecrankie? Score TWO and come with the cousins!

£89 or more

Zip & Swing for one

DOUBLE it UP! Spend half a day with us experiencing our new zip line and test your nerve on the swing. UNLIMITED numbers on this one!

£95 or more

Zip for 4 adults (17+)

Birthdays, stag or hen, anniversaries, work day out. WHAT???!!! Who even needs an excuse? Get FOUR of you together and come for a blast.

£99 or more

Zip & Bungee for one

Another double! As well as having a crack on the NEW KILLIE ZIP you get to experience the full-on rush of the Highland Fling Bungee. No maximum numbers so bring the whole clan!

£99 or more

Bronze membership

10% off zip/swing/bungee for 12 months. Applicable for groups of up to FOUR people. Yes, you read that right, it’s not a TYPO! Buy one membership, get discount for four people.

£189 or more

2 of 8 claimed

Business banner ad on website

A side banner ad and a link to your own website on the Killie Zip webpage. Limited to eight. This banner ad stays on the KILLIE ZIP page FOREVER.

£195 or more

Silver membership

20% off zip/swing/bungee for 24 months. You plus three others get 20% off zip, swing or bungee, every time you come to us for TWO years.

£275 or more

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Gold membership

30% off zip/swing/bungee for 36 months. That’s right, book up to four of you on any activity and get a whopping 30% off for THREE years. WOW!! LIMITED numbers. Obviously!

£275 or more

Charity bronze

EXCLUSIVE use of the zip park for up to SIXTEEN people for a quarter day. This will be split into two one-hour sessions for eight of your amazing fund raisers. REGISTERED charities only.

£375 or more

Corporate bronze

EXCLUSIVE use of the zip park for two hours. This is enough time to excite 16 people on two one-hour sessions. As MANY spins around as you can in the time. What a wicked staff day out!

£475 or more

3 of 9 claimed

Naming rights of one zip wire.

EXCLUSIVE naming rights of one zip wire. HOW COOL! Your business logo and web address will be a feature on the actual zip wire itself and on the zip park wall map in the registration office. Limited to 9.

£525 or more

Charity silver

THIRTY TWO of your fund raisers will have EXCLUSIVE use of the zip for a half day. Split into four one hour sessions they can ZIP to their hearts content! REGISTERED charities only.

£690 or more

Corporate Silver

Exclusive use of the zip park for a HALF DAY. Thirty two of your employees can come and enjoy our stunning new park in four one-hour groups. Your team will LOVE it!

£950 or more

Charity gold

EXCLUSIVE use of the zip park for up to 64 people for a full day. Split them over eight one hour sessions. Can you think of a better way to raise money? REGISTERED charities only.

£1,350 or more

Corporate gold

Exclusive use of the zip park for a full day. SIXTY FOUR of your team, split into eight one hour sessions, can come and literally GO TO TOWN for the whole day. Ideal for larger businesses.

Let's make 'Killiecrankie Zip Park' happen

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