Kilimanjaro trek for Great Ormond Street

Raise money for supporting ground-breaking research, funding the most up-to-date equipment, providing accommodation and refurbishment.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

I'm going to trek up Kilimanjaro for Great Ormond Street Hospital.

Five years ago our family welcomed a new arrival, James, born in difficult circumstances he was immediately transfered to an incubator.  With blood sugar levels fluctuating wildly and heart issues (which were later diagnosed as cardiomyopathy) he required 24 hour care.  Looking back now its difficult to believe that our grandson's life was held in the balance for several weeks while doctors and nurses worked tirelesley to save him.

Five years later James is a typical young boy, full of energy, with his whole life ahead of him, a testament to the dedication of the staff of the NHS.

I want to help those staff and others like them to  do the same for more children like James.

So why now: well I retired a few years ago and have worked hard to lose 4 stone and build up my fitness to enable me to take on this challenge - to climb to the top of the world to raise money for dedicated people who save lives every day.

I hope you will help me achieve this. 

Here is a link to the charity site for full details

I will be actively seeking additional sponsorship.

All additional donations above the amount I seek here will be forwarded 100% to Great Ormond Street Hospital.

Thank you for your support.

Yours sincerely

Mark jarvis