Kilimanjaro for Hearts

Kilimanjaro for Hearts

Kate and Jake Robinson will be climbing Mount Kilimanjaro (5,895m) in 2018, to raise money and awareness for 'Little Hearts Matter'.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Hannah Henriques, a close friend of ours, lost her beautiful, intelligent, kind and courageous daughter in June 2015. Beau passed away after a two-week battle following major cardiac surgery - she was just 5 years old.  She was diagnosed antenatally (at 20 weeks gestation) as having an incurable, life limiting and threatening congenital cardiac malformation.

Although Beau endured many surgeries (that 'in the end' tallied up to; 3 major open-heart surgeries, 20 other heart surgeries, 4 cardiac catheters and numerous other procedures), she was always full of such life and spirit. No challenge was ever too much for this determined little girl, and as cliché as it sounds - she really was one of a kind.

Hannah was first introduced to Little Hearts Matter upon Beau’s diagnosis. They are the UK’s only charity to offer support to families affected by single ventricle cardiac conditions – the umbrella term used for the condition that Beau had. Throughout Beau’s journey, Hannah received continued support, whether this be emotional, practical or financial - Little Hearts Matter was her lifeline.  

Little Hearts Matter is a small but important charity and one that is close to our hearts. The money raised will help to support children and young adults with life-threatening heart conditions, along with their families.

The challenge

Mount Kilimanjaro, in Tanzania, is the world's tallest free-standing mountain at 5895m (19,341ft). Jake and Kate have chosen one of the more difficult routes, which will take approximately 8 days to complete. This climb will be a test of endurance, and there will be a high risk of altitude sickness on the way!

 All profits raised will go directly to Little Hearts Matter: