Kilimanjaro climb for the British Heart Foundation

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Kilimanjaro climb for the British Heart Foundation

Raise £2000 for the British Heart foundation

by Sarah Emma Pepler in

Not quite
Unfortunately this project was not successful.

On 12th November 2016 my Daughter's Elouise's life was  turned upside down when her step-mother Danni lost her battle to Cardiomyopathy which essentially is an enlarged heart 3 short months after diagnosis.

Not only did my Daughter loose a second Mother, but twin 2 year old boys and two beautiful girls lost their Mother and Mark, Elouise's Dad became a widow at the age of 33. 

Danni's condition started with a simple shortness of breath and a routine check up at the Doctors that quickly turned in to long hospital stays and time away from her family prior to her diagnosis and sudden death just 5 days before heart surgery was due.

Their loss and bereavement has rippled and shaken the foundations of their everyday lives and as a result, her children will have limited and in the case of the twins, have no memory of the love and warmth their Mum gave them endlessly due to a condition that with more research can be treated and hopefully one day, eliminated with fundraising like this.

I thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking time to read our story and paying tribute to a wonderful Mother and friend.

Forever in our heads and hearts... 

Let's make 'Kilimanjaro climb for the British Heart Foundation' happen

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