Kilimanjaro Childrens project

by anold materu in Tanzania

Kilimanjaro Childrens project
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To save children in Tanzania from a life of poverty and exploitation

by anold materu in Tanzania

My friends, I need your help. Not for myself, but for those who have less than I. My father died when I was very young. But he left me as the eldest of his four children, with a sickly mother. I work as a Guide in Moshi in Tanzania, and I support my younger siblings through school and help my mum. But there are many others younger, who have less than I. I write this to you as you have met me or know of me. You are, by definition, interested in and aware of the situation here in the shadow of Kilimanjaro. It is a beautiful place, with the sun lighting the snows on the glacier, turning them pink every evening. But under the mountain, our children suffer terribly. In the villages at the base of Kilimanjaro, there are many young people who have no parents and no home of their own. No-one to turn to for comfort when they are hungry or sad. 

I invite you to help me to change this. I have a scheme to enable rural orphans to go to school and find a safe place to live, with good food to eat. If I can get your support, my friends, then we can bring reality to this scheme. I have now found a house for the children but it needs to be repaired before they can live there. And that costs money. And the rent and their education is expensive for me when I have my own family to support. But in Africa education is the great engine of personal development. Through education the daughter of a peasant can become a doctor, the son of a mineworker can become the president of a great nation. Should an accident of birth, colour or creed prevent a person realising their potential?

I want to develop my guiding work to directly benefit these children who have nothing. I specialise in local tours and I share and show village life to those from wealthier countries, so that they may get a true flavour of life here. If customers are content, I will include my charity in the program and a percentage of my earnings will fund this. With time, I hope my friends, past, present and future, will support this mission through donations. You are free to visit at any time and contribute clothes, books or funds to support our work. So many children here are alone, and homeless, that I cannot pretend they don't exist. I need YOU to help me help our children.

Please don’t fall into the trap of visiting and never looking back. Many of you cared enough to listen to me when I told you the truth. Don’t walk away now your trip is over. Stay in touch and help me build a better future for those who have nothing. This house is the basis of their future. And from here they will go to school and grow in knowledge and potential. Without your help this cannot happen. I have no sponsor, no charitable status, no hidden gold. You are my investment. Together we can make a difference. Any help you can give me will go straight to the repair of the house. And once we are in, then to the education and feeding of the children. My friend, Dr Clive, has helped me. He is happy to verify that all I say is true, and he has seen the house. You will be forever blessed, knowing you have helped others less lucky than you. A small effort from you make a huge difference here.

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