Kigbeare Kiln Project

Kigbeare Kiln Project

To train new generations of wood firing potters in the UK as well as providing an accessible communal facility for potters to share

We did it!

On 12th Oct 2016 we successfully raised £13,795 of £10,000 target with 181 supporters in 56 days

New stretch target

If we raise more that our initial target of £10,000, the Kigbeare Kiln Project will use it to train more future apprentices and to run more communal firings.

Internationally respected potter, Svend Bayer, plans to build a large climbing (Anagama) kiln to pass on his knowledge of kiln-design, kiln-building technique and firing methods, initially to a  team of potters at Kigbeare Studios, who will then go on to train other potters.  This project grew from his desire to give something back to those who have helped him in the past, and to train those that need help in the future.   It will reach beyond the immediate group of potters, giving others the opportunity to learn, through apprenticeships on site and social media worldwide.  It will also provide an accessible communal facility to wood firing potters, where labour and running costs can be shared, enabling more potters to wood fire. 

The project is vital to those interested in wood-firing ceramics as there are no formal opportunities in the UK to develop such skills.

"Many of the potters who come to my workshops have basic pottery ability, but cannot find appropriate courses at College or Universities where they can enhance their skills, and my workshops are specially designed to move each student to the next skill level.  Most of my students would like to wood fire their work, but they do not have the knowledge or ability to do so, and I want to do something about that"  Svend Bayer

This project is intended to build a legacy for future generations of potters in the UK.  Many of the best exponents of wood firing are heading towards the end of their careers and there is a real need to pass on their experience whilst they still can.

It is also about a co-operative approach to wood firing where new networks of wood firers will be created, both in the UK and internationally.   The initial group of apprentices, under the guidance of Svend Bayer, will meet several times a year to fire the kiln, during which apprentices will be taught the necessary skills to take over firings in years to come, and tasked with finding their own apprentices to carry the skills forward.

The project is partially-funded by the Arts Council, but a condition of that funding is that £10,000 must be raised by the project in order to draw down the grant.

Svend Bayer - on the grounds that actions speak louder than words, silently appealing.....

Will you help to build this kiln, in return for some unique rewards?

A chance to win one of these  (waiting to be fired) for a £15 raffle ticket.....

or one of these.......or sponsor a brick in the kiln and have your name on the wall

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