Rhino Charge - Kifaru Kwanza (Rhino First)

We're aiming to raise enough funds to add 500m to the existing 40km of protective fencing around the Aberdare National Park, Kenya

We did it!

On 7th Jun 2017 we successfully raised £1,445 with 24 supporters in 21 days

This year, Jonathan Mills and Thom Hunt from the Uk are joining Kenyan based 4x4 Team Kifaru Kwanza (Rhino First) to compete as one of 65 teams from around the Globe in the Rhino Charge off-road challenge.  

They are a competitive bunch of avid adventurers who are dedicated to conservation and maintaining the harmony of humans and habitat. The Rhino Charge is a world famous fund raising event organised by the Rhino Ark Foundation, set up to protect the Black Rhino and its ecologically important habitat in The Aberdare National Park, Kenya. The entry fee goes directly to the the Foundation to support its conservation projects, including the renowned Aberdare Electric Fence project and funding Anti-poaching Patrol teams

The event has grown since it started in 1989 and it's now a unique and exciting  10 hour endurance experience that requires bravery and a high level of skill in off-road driving and navigation.

Tv presenter, ecologist and survival expert Thom Hunt said "I'm so proud to be involved with raising money for such an awesome cause. Black Rhinos were virtually extinct not so long ago, but supporting charities like the Rhino Ark has seen numbers increase to much more positive levels, however, there's always more work to be done for these magnificent but endangoured animals"

All costs for the event are individually covered by team members so that all funds collected go directly to the Rhino Ark Foundation.

Find out more about the Rhino Charge at http://www.rhinocharge.co.ke/

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