A new local soft playcentre and cafe

by Lisa S in Bexhill On Sea, England, United Kingdom

A new local soft playcentre and cafe
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A playcentre and cafe with a zero waste ethos, and eco friendly, educational fun at its core. Play, eat, learn and love our planet!

by Lisa S in Bexhill On Sea, England, United Kingdom

  • Why are we doing this?

The ultimate aim of Kidzia is to bring the community together. Finding familt friendly venues to spend with family is not always easy. Kidzia plans to help a little by providing welcoming and inviting opportunities to be together.

Hastings, Bexhill, Battle and surrounding areas have suffered a lack of family friendly leisure facilities for quite some time. Hastings and Bexhill both have one main child friendly soft play centre, whereas Eastbourne and surrounding have 4 or more. It is now time for us locals to get something new!

Kidzia is looking to expand on just offering 'soft play', with a play centre suitable for everybody in the community, young or old. 

The plans include a soft play, a teenager pod, a learning/sensory zone and a cafe open to all. This will include designated play areas for children under 2, children 2 - 4, and children 4 - 12. A teenage pod for children 13 - 16 with a pool table, arcade machines and snacks. An open plan learning area for those who home school or those who would like a change of scenery for both them and their child. This will include a sensory area with calming background music, lights, books, cushions, pens and paper to compliment your way of teaching and their way of understanding. After all, each and every one of us is unique! 

Kidzia has personal experience with children with learning difficulties. Therefore, exclusive times will be allocated to those with special needs to enjoy Kidzia at their own pace, fully supported by their carers. This will include the sensory area and the soft play. One carer can enter for free.

One very important factor for Kidzia is cleanliness. Using Eco friendly cleaning products, Kidzia will outshine itself in the area of cleanliness, with toilets that sparkle and remain that way for every visit! Kidzia will be providing large family and disabled toilets, so that you can attend to your child/children with a buggy or bags without a struggle to maneuver! Our kitchen will also be regularly checked for cleanliness and all staff working within the kitchen will have food hygiene certification. 

And of course, there will be a party zone. Struggling to find a good party spot for your little ones or pre-teens? We know there is a shortage of choice! Parties at Kidzia will be very exclusive. The reason for this is holding a party at an open to the public venue can be chaotic for all involved. That includes the birthday child, their families and staff because not only are their children excited and full of energy, so are all the other children who are visiting the centre. We want each child's birthday to be a memorable one, therefore we will be offering very limited weekly slots for parties, and these will all be out of opening hours. Your child and their friends will share Kidzia with just one other party, offering fully attentive staff, a visit from Zia the zebra, a birthday cake and gifts to take home. More to come on this at a later date. 

Food glorious food!

The cafe will be open to all customers of the playcentre and will offer hot and cold foods, drinks and puddings. Kidzia understands the importance of looking after our planet, after all we only have the one! The playcentre and cafe will be running a zero waste ethos with recycling facilities readily available near all eating areas, and minimizing its use of single use plastic. This will be achieved through sourcing raw local ingredients in bulk, with minimal plastic wrap, selling sweets/chocolate from reusable jars, served in sustainable paper bags and making sure all of our food purchases are considered for their impact on the environment. 

Food will be ethically sourced wherever possible and the menu will cater to an array of dietary requirements including vegetarians and vegans. Items on our menu include homemade cake, sausage meat/vegan rolls, baked potatoes and paninis plus salads and plenty of healthy choices for your little ones.

So.. The question on your lips as a possible supporter, where will your money go?

The cost of unit rental is being funded by us. Here's a breakdown of the rest:

Refurbing a unit (if necessary) with plumbing, electrics, carpentry. 

Installing family friendly toilets. 

Fitting a kitchen with all necessary catering equipment. 

The soft play equipment! 

Pool table, sofas, arcades and a music system for the teen pod.

Sensory lighting for the learning room.

So what now?

We are openly asking our community for their support. The rewards for supporting this project will be marvelous (lots to give away to our supporters!) and the end result will be something to be proud of. By supporting us, you are giving back to your community, whilst also knowing you played a part in securing a new leisure facility for your children and theirs! We are not a charity, and this will be our family business, so we are not expecting you to give your support for free. That is why each donation you provide will have a generous reward to match it.

We give regular updates on our Facebook page, and will be keeping in touch with our supporters at all stages of the project. We honestly could not do this without you.

Thank you

Lisa and Brendan


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£100 or more

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£100 VIP Reward

Please accept our sincere thanks and we hope we can do you proud in return for your support. For this we are offering you free entry to our VIP opening day for you, your spouse and up to 3 children, with unlimited free buffet and drinks and a free gift bag full of goodies. Plus free entry for one month for 4 people. Plus your name on the board of founding members.

£5 or more

£5 Reward

Grab a free tea or coffee on us and get your name put on the board of founding members.

£10 or more

£10 Reward

Enjoy a free adult lunch and a free drink on us and get your name put on the board of founding members.

£20 or more

£20 Reward

Free entry for a family of 4! This includes any combination of adults and children and a free jug of squash. Plus get your name put on our board of founding members.

£50 or more

£50 Reward

You are incredibly generous and for this we are offering one months free entry for a family of 4 plus one free jug of squash and a snack for each visit! Plus get your name put on our board of founding members!

£500 or more

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£500 Reward

We can not possibly describe how grateful we are for your generous support. You must truly have a passion for zero waste and making changes for our future! For this we would like to offer you free entry to our VIP opening day, with unlimited buffet and drinks for up to 4 people, plus 6 months free entry for up to 2 adults and 3 children, with free unlimited squash and free snacks for each visit. Plus your name on our board of founding members

£1,000 or more

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£1000 Reward

If you are supporting this project with such an amount of money then we applaud your passion for zero waste, fun for kids and your community! For your support we would like to offer you free entry to our VIP opening day for 4 with free buffet and drinks, an exclusive kids party for up to 30 kids, with free food, drinks, cake and party bags. Plus, unlimited entry for 1 year for a family of 4 with free squash and snacks on entry.

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