Kidoti Village Support (Zanzibar)

The money raised will be used for school equipment, clothing, clean water, farming materials & helping the children of the village overall.

We did it!

On 12th Jun 2017 we successfully raised £105 with 6 supporters in 56 days

Mr. Hajj with one of his students.

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Just a traveller who was touched by this village, its people and their sheer will.


 While i was travelling in East Africa last summer, during my stay in Zanzibar I had rented a bike to go around the Island. At some point while i was driving from the North to the South of the Island I had a bad crash in the "middle of nowhere" near a village called Kidoti. Ofcourse no one really spoke english hence i couldnt communicate in order to get the bike fixed  and be on my way. When i had given up and was going to take my chances on an already problematic bike suddenly out of nowhere I was confronted by a  cheerful young man that goes by the name of Mr. Hajj. He was the only one that spoke english in the whole village or as far as i know . Mr. Hajj quickly came to my aid , showed me to the mechanic , got my cuts cleaned and covered and stayed with me the whole time. During those 5-6 hours i was in the village Mr. Hajj took me around his whole village introducing me to his family and its people. He even taught me some swahili & we shared a meal together with his family.Mr.Hajj and his family moments before our meal.


During those 5-6 hours i came to know Mr. Hajj and was absolutley impressed by this young man of 20 years old. I found out that Mr. Hajj was the only one in his village to have some sort of education hence why he spoke english . He had gone to the nearest school which was many miles away and was studying hard to go to university in order to become a doctor. By himself he has been running a school in his village where he teaches more than 120 students of all ages ranging from 3 years old all the way up to 40 years old everything that he knows. He teaches them english, mathematics, biology , singing and anything he has learnt himself.  And all of this he accomplished alone with no support whatsoever from any charity , foreign or local organisation & so forth. I was surprised and thought if anyone or any place deserves some aid its Kidoti village. This led me to want to help & attempt to shed some light on Kidoti village for Mr. Hajj has already done so much.


So when i got back to the U.K I contacted many of the charities operating within the area, country and bordering Kenya to make a case which was well recieved at first however nothing actually ended up happening. The beauracracy is almost impossible & ilogical to get through plus most charities in the area say they are stretched out. Furthermore due to Zanzibar being a small island and the village being situated far from the port capital it proved most difficult for anyone to aid.


Simply put if one educated person has been able to do this much, Imagine what effect a whole school of educaed student would have on the community and even the whole island.

I remember Mr.Hajj telling me just chalk would help. That sometimes he doesnt even have chalk to write on the board for his students. Hence I would like to get as much support and funding for Mr. Hajj and Kidoti village as i can because i believe he more than deserves it.

I firmly believe in helping people who help themselves first and in all my life & travels I have never met anyone where this is more true. 

OK, I'M Convinced, This is a Geat Idea. How Can I Help?

If you agree that MR. Hajj deserves funding for his school and that it would be a benefit for the children and the greater community then please support us by pledging any sum online- it would really make a change. 

Thank you for taking time out for reading this, and i hope you feel as inspired as I do.

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