Kidney Transplant for a poor man

Kidney Transplant for a poor man

Kidney Transplant for a Poor Man

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Normal, vomiting, dizziness went to the hospital today to Kotagiri pelliraj the family is under great distress.

Pelliraj iruppavartan with his wife in the film. Lives in Kotagiri. 33 years old, 5 years old, has a son. Valntukkontirunta meager income by working in the bakery at the happy family pelliraj stormy past June. Vomiting, dizziness went to the hospital, the doctor's reply landed in the rain!

"You have two kidneys dysfunctional! Immediately proceed to the expression," the doctor advised. He came to the hospital file, the situation was hopeless. Cilapala remedies, the eyes of all the dialysis vain. Kidney transplant surgery could save him only if kaivirittuvittatu the hospital. Coimbatore Medical Center Hospital (KMCH) and is taking treatment.

To donate a kidney to her son's father gives pelliraj. Though, spending nearly 6.5 latcankalam for surgery! There is no one in the family, except maittunarait of patient studied.

Pelliraj tribal families of the men experienced larger. That seems innocently speech. "Vomit the medicine go sir bought cappituvaru peas were ok. .. like a bomb went off in the normal kayccalnnu ninaiccitan aspital pottuttanka" says his wife, his eyes troubled, unable to speak further.

Pelliraj continued. "So far, the cost of 7 million ruva pannittom sir. No longer do anything. Bought via credit kappattikkavum not know the answer to life, we are telling .. This culalla says Dr. Operation panniye akanum too soon, poromnnu did not know what to do, sir," he says.

In today's environment, away from the day to day pelliraj to do dialysis. Failure to issue a life! Once the dialysis ferns celavakiratam 2300 rupees. Tayalacis three times a week to keep his life is saved! Four times in one injection well to put the blood purifier. One injection costs 1500 rupees.!

Celattaic known by his stage in the kokulakirusnapojan by Bala and Simpson, Dr. Daniel Manoranjan, including Professor kekenatarajan nallullankalum entered the stage.

Pelliraj the kidney transplant operation must be done without delay. The cost of the nearly 6.5 lakh. 3,70,000 kitaikkumam by government insurance scheme. The remaining amount needed to present them. Operation is to be held in Coimbatore KMCH hospital.See.

Currently requires large amounts of the aid is to love. In such cases, nampiyavarkalai gave our readers. Now, pelliraj treatment will help is having the confidence that our readers are also generous.

This is the number of hours pelliraj's cousin: +919787981456 - who wish to contact for information

Details on how to send aid for the treatment of:

Name: Coimbatore Kovai medical center and hospital Ltd
Acc no: 479294052
Ifsc: IDIB000K169
Bank name: indian bank
Branch: KMCH goldwins branch, Coimbatore -14

In this account "in favour of" referring to the name of the place they send pelliraj, Online Transaction bound, "Remarks" in the field have stated that, "for belliraj kidney transplantation" specify.

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