Kick Start - Workshop (On the Right Track)

by David Paton in Methil, Scotland, United Kingdom

We did it
On 25th January 2020 we successfully raised £5,195 ( + est. £1,008 Gift Aid ) with 152 supporters in 64 days

To create a learning space where young people, children and their parents can come together to fix and maintain their off road motorcycles.

by David Paton in Methil, Scotland, United Kingdom


What we do and why:

The main video for this project initially focuses on our KickStart programme, but we also have mainstream member facilities and activities. We are passionate and keen to help young people and children develop their fullest potential. We want to help and encourage them to make positive choices. Being involved in our community motorcycle club is more than just riding, it's so much more than motorcycles!

Our club is about meeting new friends, developing confidence and new skills, being involved in an arduous activity which is physically intensive - i.e. not sitting playing an Xbox all day.  Over the years, Kingdom Off Road has demonstrated that our approach, using motorcycle related activities really does work. It helps to engage, motivate and educate young people. Off road motorcycling strengthens the body and mind. Motivated to get out of bed at 6am, to get to the race start line, enduring inclement weather and arduous conditions, preparing the motorcycle and then cleaning it after the race or practice and then enthusiastically chatting with friends. It really is much more than just biking. 

Please check out our 2 min video Case Study with Kacper Gawlick

Many of the kids do not fall into the traditional sports like football, rugby, swimming etc. and unfortunately, access to engage in a sport they love, can be much more difficult. For those who participate in, and enjoy traditional sports, local facility access is usually quite easy. However, for the young motorcyclist, access is much more complicated. Our charity helps make this easier, by providing structured coaching and safer, controlled environments to ride in.  We know that by involving young people and children in activities they are passionate about, that they are much more likely to develop into responsible young adults. We also know that if kids have somewhere to ride legally, then they will, thus keeping our Communities Safer. 

The Future

Short Term Vision:

Many of the young people coming to our club have shown real potential. The learning and development of basic motorcycle mechanics has been really quite overwhelming. They have a passion for their bikes and they are keen to learn, some of the kids struggle academically, but you ask them to strip and rebuild a motorcycle, they'll do it without hesitation. We want to harness this passion, and hone these skills; we want to increase their employability prospects, by helping them to be accredited for the work they do, for the skills they have obtained, for the learning they have achieved. Our charity want to renovate and fit our workshop, so that we have an excellent learning environment where young people and adult volunteers can gain basic motorcycle maintenance and workplace qualifications. 

The workshop unit we have obtained requires a lot of work, much of which is being done by volunteers and obviously taking time. We would love for the workshop to become functional as quickly as possible. This will also increase our charity's potential to work towards financial sustainability.  

Within the unit, we also have an office, group-work room, kitchenette and storage space. These areas require renovation work and furnishing too. 

Long Term Vision

We have a detailed business plan and vision to create a bespoke all-weather off-road motorcycling facility. 

Set Backs

Recently, we suffered from a mindless act of vandalism. Our two sheds were burnt to the ground, with all of their contents. The contents were basic items, but also essentials for maintaining and managing the motocross track and surrounding area. We will have to replace all items, which will take time and money. Time and money, which would have been spent on our new workshop.

How You Can Help

We hope to secure donations to this project. We will purchase some basic tool kits, decorating and refurbishing materials and pay necessary tradesmen, if we cannot get them voluntarily. We will replace our essential items at the track, but also secure better workshop essentials too.

Any help you can offer will make these young guys n gals very happy. Give Kingdom Off Road an Xmas present that we will not forget :-D  

Huge thanks to those who have already helped us to get this far ie sponsors, funders, members, customers, supporters, volunteers etc. We now have momentum and we are keen to extend our services and facilities. We also work hard to ensure off-road motorcycling is seen in a positive light :-)


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£50 or more

Single Membership Reward

free 2020 membership

£50 or more

£50 includes Parent & Child membership

2020 membership for parent and one child add another £5 for another sibling of the same family.

£100 or more

2 of 10 claimed

Off Road Experience Reward

2 hour coaching session with all equipment and kit included

£500 or more

0 of 5 claimed

Group coaching Reward

Group off road motocross experience for up-to 5 people. Bikes and kit included.

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