Need Fund to Support Our Food Business

Need Fund to Support Our Food Business

Food Business Expansion - help us to raise fund for setting up restaurant business and catering business.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

We are a small food business based in Muar, Johor, Malaysia. We cooked and supply a range of home made cooking style curries and briyani rice. At the moment we supply packaging food. The support of packaging food is welcome.

Now the surrounding peoples in our business place where we are located is asking us to  open for walk-in customer service (to set up  a restaurant). In this commercial area doesn't have any restaurant yet. With our early food packaging supply, peoples here like our food very much. So now we are planning to set up a restaurant type of business here too.

And this week we also received a WhatsApp massage that asking us, are we doing catering as well. Although we not yet ready for that, but we accepted the order for a 50 pack. This catering order come from our website . The customer search in google for "Indian food caters in Muar" and our website is in the google search first page.

So we found that the potential for us to do small catering opportunity is also big for us to explore. We borrow some catering items from our friends to cater the need for this customer at this moment.

Our initial business plan is only to sell packaging food with small capital. But after a month in the food business we saw the potential for us to do more in bigger scale is most welcomming.

The limitations that blocking us to expand now is the shortage of money in our account. We don't want to lose this big opportunity to expand  our food business too. 

We need to raise some capitals to buy items for setting up restaurant and catering business. We turn to Crowdfunding help to support us to raise our capital.

We need to:

  • Install the partition & front door
  • Install a fan and air conditions
  • Set up counter
  • Buy tables and chairs and other necessary items to run a proper restaurant
  • And also to buy basic catering items.

Our food business is built upon a foundation consisting of a belief in God and educating people about healthy living. We strive to have the highest possible ethical and moral standards for ourselves and towards our customer. In order to achieve this, we have assembled a diverse family of concientious, dedicated, who are committed to quality and personalized customer service.

We want to serve people with good and healthy food that :

  • Cleanliness and Hygiene controlled prepared food
  • No preservatives
  • Gluten-free
  • Sulphite-free

For our packaging food also we using environmentally friendly packaging product. No to polystyrene (EPS) base food packaging products. We fully support go for GREEN concept.

We have big dreams for our food business "KHouse Caters", but small steps we need to achieve first.

Thank you so much, we appreciate your time to read our needs.

Thanasekaran Karuppiah.


Below picture shows the area alocated in our website for Advertising your Brand. Rewads for 200, 500, 1000 British Pound pledges.

Sample of our packaging food product that we curently supply, taken from our flyer:


Sample of the Packaging Food product that we are selling now :


 I prepairing packaging food in the shop kitchen:



My sister Miss.Chitra Devi doing cooking in our shop kitchen : 


Our Shop front view  and inside view - space for set up chairs & Taible for restaurant:


Shop sing board :