Khao's Thai Street Food

Khao's Thai Street Food

A high mwb van and gazebo

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

I have just started my own Thai Street food business as a  sole trader. I have worked for years in the weatherspoons kitchens and  need to get some independence from the fast food zero hours working. Funny how I end up on a local pitch outside the pub that I still work at. 

Each Saturday I get up at 5 am and wake the husband. We pack the family car and make 2 trips to the pitch. It's hard and heavy work. 

I am getting some regular customers on the Horsham General Market site. Lots of footfall  from the west end improvements of John Lewis, a new travelodge and bus terminal. The new football development should also help. I love cooking and the market banter. I just need a van and gazebo in order to go to more markets and events. I am stuck with this single pitch. 

Hoping someone can help with a donation or loan. I have a 12 yr old bmw120 to part exchange for a van..