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To help young women in rural Zimbabwe with basic sanitary health packs; and equip them with knowledge and tools to look after their health.

by Peatra Gumbi in Zimbabwe

Who we are?

We are Khanya-Be the Light (not for profits organisation) established in 2018 with an overall aim of contributing to the development of the Zimbabwean society through empowered and self-reliant young women.

This organization focuses on overcoming social and cultural biases, helping young women to build a sustainable career through promotion of education, providing psycho-social support to victims of abuse, and empowering women through strengthening self-esteem. We aim to achieve this by empowering women environmentally, economically, physically, psychologically, spiritually, and socially within the Nkayi Rural District, Matabeleland, Zimbabwe. Khanya is an organisation that focuses on humanitarian issues that centred on the overall physiological and psychological issues affecting a girl child such as HIV & Aids, early exposure of sexual engagement, victims of several abuses, lack of education drive/provision, teenage pregnancies, and child marriages.

Since its official launch, we have successfully launched five service pillars: Keep Our Girls in School Initiative, Girl’s Basic Sanitary Health, Vuk’zenzele Initiative, Leadership and Transformation Developmental Programs, and Abused Survivors Psychological Rehabilitation.


What are we trying to do?

We hope to hold a series of women’s health awareness seminars to address basic hygiene, menstruation health, physiological and psychological changes in womanhood and sexual reproductive health. During these seminars we aim to shed light on various diseases that are associated with poor hygiene and lack of self-care in sensitive body areas such as shaving pubic hairs with various blades, harmful chemicals in vaginal area, and using cloths or leaves to conceal menstruation blood. 

To successfully implement these awareness seminars in rural regions of Dakamela and Zinyangeni Zimbabwe, we will be partnering with HEFO-Zim, bringing on board nurses and doctors who will address each topic. 

 After awareness seminars, we aim to distribute sanitary pads, underwear, bathing soap bars, and perfumed roll-ons. 

Why is this important? 

We believe in raising awareness on women’s health it will achieve the following outcome for women in those communities

1.  Improve the self-image of young women through the training and awareness programs. 

2. Promote sexual reproductive health among young women through advocacy, awareness programs. 

Khanya-Be the Light organisation will offer ongoing psycho-social therapy to young women who would have been victims of several abuses so that they integrate within the society by facilitating the appropriate partnerships with skilled professionals. We aim to furthermore continually support the community by equipping young women with knowledge on career choices and work environment to ensure they are self-sustaining moving forward.

How is the money being spent?

For this particular project, we require $1000 (£800) to support 80 young women from the rural regions of Dakamela & Zinyangeni, Zimbabwe.  We aim for each young lady to receive the following:

  • 6 sanitary pads 
  • 2 deodorant Sticks  
  • 1 pack of 3 underwear
  • 2 Bathing soap tablets 

Kindly view the budget inclusive of facilitation expenses: 






Sanitary Pads (Winged) 

480 packs 




Women’s Deodorant Roll-On 

160 roll-ons 




Set of 3 Underwear 

80 packs 




Bathing soap tablets 

160 bars 



Facilitation expenses 








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