Key Worker SPA DAY for Debbie and Kelly

by Emma in Birmingham, England, United Kingdom

Key Worker SPA DAY for Debbie and Kelly


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Raising funds for Debbie and Kelly to enjoy a spa day, as they are key workers and deserve to be pampered.

by Emma in Birmingham, England, United Kingdom

Front line workers like Debbie and Kelly give their devoted commitment to the public, sometimes at the detriment to their own health and well-being. They continuously put their own mental health on the line for us without a second thought, often working tirelessly through the night, on their feet doing 12 hour shifts, all to keep us safe.

We as a family would like to show gratitude and love to our two dear family members who do this job daily without a second thought. 

They are my step mom Debbie, Paramedic with West Midlands Ambulance service and my sister in-law Kelly Piggott, a nurse at the Birmingham Women’s Hospital, looking after poorly & premature babies, some, who have born with COVID-19.
Kelly has three young children of her own and juggles family life while doing such a committed  job. Debbie also has a large family, but still gives her own personal time to WM Ambulance SALS, for which she gives telephone advice and support to her colleagues.

As we want to show them how much we appreciate them and all they do, we as a family have secretly set up a fundraising page to raise funds for Debbie and kelly to have a lovely RELAXING SPA DAY when this pandemic is finally over.

**Please keep this quiet and if you share the page on social media please restrict them from seeing it in your settings**

Let’s show them our love, support and gratitude.

Thank you,

Emma and family xx


Let's make 'Key Worker SPA DAY for Debbie and Kelly' happen

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