KERUO L7: The Most Portable Smart Projector

KERUO L7: The Most Portable Smart Projector

To provide everyone with a real portable smart projector, we created Keruo L7.We need support to start massive product.

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Meet Keruo L7

Nowadays more and more people are using their smartphones, tablets and notebooks to enjoy media content. However, due to the limited screen size, it is still not easy to show content to others. The best solution, whether for a business trip, a presentation or a movie, is to have a portable projector. 

Most of pocket projectors on the market couldn't reach a perfect balance between: big screen, long utility time, high image quality and small body. Apart from that, a traditional pico projector still needs a tripod to stand, so it’s not easy to carry around. To provide everyone with a real portable smart projector, that’s why we bring the Keruo L7 to birth. Now everything is different.


L7 has an innovative and unique design, which enables an adjustable elevation angle of  15 degrees. At the same time, L7 can do keystone correction automatically, thus we don't need a tripod or other accessories to carry with L7 everywhere. 

  • Designed to be small, L7 won Red Dot Award in 2016.

  • The unique hinge design changes the traditional structure of pico projector. Just get rid of annoying extra accessories.

  • Automatic Keystone Correction


  • L7 Main Features


  • Android Operating System

Installed with Android 5.1.1 OS, L7 also provides us with original designed UI interface to help us play films and TV. Download any application you love.

  • Multiple Streaming Options

With built-in WIFI module, L7 can stream content wirelessly from your smart-phone, tablet and desktop through mutiple channels including Airplay, Miracast, MIDI, Chromecast and DLNA. It also has a HDMI port and a USB port. Streaming couldn't be simpler.


  • L7 has an LED-based light source (DLP technology) with 30000 hours life time.

  • Built-in 3 Watt speaker delivers sound across a broad frequency range with minimal distortion and excellent bass effect. Or we can simply connect external audio through AUX or bluetooth to enjoy professional surround stereo.

  • L7 provides fluent HD video playing experience with a S905 64-bit 1.5Gh CPU (Quad-core cortex-A53) and  an eight-core graphic processing chip(Mail 450MP6+2).

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