Kerala Flood Relief Operation

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Unfortunately this project was not successful.

A genuine effort to help 800,000 people who have lost home and roads in the worst flooding in a century in southern India's Kerala state.

by Vineetha P Rajan in

Due to the worst flooding happened in a century , Kerala southern most state in India has been devastated. 

  • Heavy rain continuously for many days starting earlier this August, 2018.
  • Millions lost their homes and transportation (road, rail and air) has collapsed.
  • 800,000 people are sheltered in some 4,000 relief camps across Kerala
  • Floods have caused landslides and homes and bridges have collapsed
  • About 10,000 kilometres of roads have been damaged.

Climate is better now since last 4 days and flood has been reduced. People stood together for rescue operations irrespective of their diversity. We received big help from other Indian states as well in the form of food, clothes and medicines. People who are staying in relief camps has started going back to their home but the situation is heart-wrenching. Those who lost their homes, pets, farming fields, animals don't have any idea how they can rebuild things. We need huge help in constructing homes and re-establishing transportation methods.

Donation portals have been opened in the name of Kerala state government and we have received good amount so far across the globe. Still we are far away from what we require to rebuild our small state. This is the first time I am looking for a crowdfunding option to help my people. Any kind efforts in the form of donation from your side would be of great help. I assure you hereby that this will reach in correct hands and I will be updating you regarding the same in the form of video or pictures directly from relief camps.

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