Kerala flood appeal - help George and his farm!

by Ben Hickman in Kerala, India

Kerala flood appeal - help George and his farm!
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Support my good friend George to rebuild his livelihood after another devastating flood in Kerala has wiped out his farm and guesthouse.

by Ben Hickman in Kerala, India

Exactly one year on from devastating floods that inundated Kerala, India,  ruining my friend George's homestay and livelihood, Georges small village has again been struck by horrendous floods.

Such devastation is becoming the new normal. Predictable and steady monsoons have been replaced by worrying drought followed by sporadic, killer deluges that burst rivers' banks and send the population to emergency shelters. This is the climate breakdown in action - small changes in temperature disrupting the water cycle of our planet and directly impacting the people least responsible. It should be noted that the last two years are the only major floods George remembers in his long years in Kerala's idyllic backwaters.

You can see a video of George explaining the flood here.

And an explainer on the link to climate change here.

George has built a livelihood around his organic farm and small homestay. He is also a leading voice for the environment in his community, promoting plastic cleanups in particular. In 2018, the awful Kerala floods near destroyed his homestay and money raised here helped bring George back onto his feet. This year the floods have hit his barely-recovered farm again, washing away the topsoil, ruining his rice crop and the interior of his home.

This is a call for your support. The major work needed is that George has to replace the topsoil washed away in order to be granted a permit to host foreign tourists - a major source of income for his family. The stress of the situation has sent him to hospital and he is considering selling his land. The total cost is €3800 for this work and your financial support I hope can help cover a major portion of this. Secondly, this is an adaptation project - these floods are likely to become the new norm, so if you're interested to offer your expertise to George to help his community adapt to climate change, he would very much welcome this.

Thank you for your help, George is a close friend who has hosted and cared for many visitors I've sent to Kerala. He is like family and I am sure if you visit the paradise of Kerala he would host you as family too.

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