Kenyan Charity Expedition

by Matti de Beer in Rose, England, United Kingdom

Kenyan Charity Expedition


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The aim of this project is to help fund a charity and aid expedition to Kenya.

by Matti de Beer in Rose, England, United Kingdom

Why have I decided to go?

As a frequent traveller to Africa, I've learned to love the continent. Both the magnificent landscapes and unparalleled hospitality of the people have left me awestruck on countless occasions. As perfect as the continent sounds, however, Africa is also plagued with many social and economic issues. Many of which stem from a lack of basic societal needs, such as shelter and education. 

Having only really been in Africa to tour and visit family, my personal impact on alleviating the problems I've witnessed has been limited. This is, until recently . . .

Through the school I learned of a charity expedition to Kenya, and I immediately knew that it's what I wanted to spend my summer doing, so I signed myself up. However, due to Camps International policy of spending 33% of the expeditions cost on directly improving the local communities, the trip isn't cheap. Luckily, due to the charitable nature of this policy (and the expedition in whole) fundraising is encouraged.

Why  Kenya?

1) 42% of Kenyans live below the poverty line

2) Nearly half the population lives on less that 1$ a day

3)The average life expectancy in Kenya is 55 years old.

These facts (among many others)  made me decide that Kenya was the perfect Expedition location. Hopefully the work done will have a genuine impact, and as Camps International have a permanent camp there, no project started will go unfinished.

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What does the expedition entail?

The main focus of the expedition is on improving lives of the locals through a range of projects, targeting many of the areas of life that Kenya's struggle with daily.


We will be helping the current (and hopefully future) generations through building various permanent structures such as classrooms and pre - school areas. This not only benefits the children, providing easier access to education, but also the local adult populations due to employment opportunities provided by increasing school sizes. 


Housing is also a main problem in Kenya. With 42% of Kenyans living below the poverty line, many inhabited structures aren't fit for purpose. Therefore, we will be aiding in the construction of community housing for the most impoverished families.

Healthcare & sanitation:

Improving the health of these communities is also a main aim. We aim to aid in this by helping improve and install new local amenities.

Food & water security:

We aim to help alleviate water scarcity issues by helping install new water facilities and infrastructure. Hopefully providing fresh drinking water to local communities.

Environmental Protection:

Another noteworthy issue is the impact on wildlife, and the necessity for its preservation. Having grown up on a smallholding myself, I'm very familiar with this issues surrounding wildlife preservation. Therefore an emphasis will be put on environmental projects such as digging waterholes and de-worming livestock during our time in Kenya.

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How can you help?

Hopefully the outlined expedition aims and projects have given you insight into some of the things we wish to achieve. However these aren't possible without kind donations from the public during our fundraising efforts. This is why, no matter how small, any donation towards the expedition will be appreciated. I have also included many reward tiers, such as as tickets to my African, and the opportunity to have your businesses logo printed on my expedition shirt (perfect for your businesses social media). All proceeds will go towards the communities we're working with (due to the aforementioned policy first), and any excess on my funding target will be donated to WaterAid, a charity doing vital work in and around our destination.

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This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

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Box of free range eggs

As part of my fundraising I have been selling free range eggs form our own chickens. for £3 you will receive a box of 6 free range eggs.

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African Evening Tickets

You will get 1 ticket to an African evening hosted at the Tywarnhayle Pub, with live music and African food.

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Maths tutoring session

As part of my fundraising I have taken on GCSE students for maths tutoring. £15 will buy you one of these sessions.

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Corporate Sponsor

I will print your company logo on my expedition shirt and wear it whilst doing charity work.

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Corporate Super-sponsor

Like the £50 option, I will print your logo on my shirt and wear it doing charity work. However I will also send your photos whilst doing the charity work. Perfect for social media and publicity.

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