Kenton School Playing Field Development

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We did it
On 31st January 2020 we successfully raised £6,000 with 51 supporters in 113 days

Make our primary outdoor education site more usable by levelling the uneven ground and creating a U10 yrs football pitch and running track.

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New stretch target

Connect to the mains drains, water and electricity and install toilets and storage for the PE Equipment.

We’re increasingly educating our children to be healthy and make good life choices, but we struggle with a lack of quality space for physical exercise. 

We’re raising funds to develop our school field in order to make the site suitable for the school's educational requirements. 

Our aim is to provide the school, and local community, a useable playing field that will support both the school's educational and Devon County Council's 5 year policy - Promoting independence by enabling as many residents as possible to stay healthy and active in their communities for as long as possible 

Why is our field important?

Kenton Primary School has a very small playground for it's 90+ children. The requirements of the National Curriculum 2014 cannot currently be met in our current space - the hall has limited head space and floor areas for parts of the PE curriculum, the playground is extremely small for the number of children in the school. PE lessons therefore the children have to be escorted off site to the school field.   

School Field

Situated in the heart of Kenton village, just a short walk away from the local amenities and church, is our school field. It really is a magnificent location but it is unfit for the purposes of the school - the poor uneven ground, and slope, means that the field is not suitable for some of the school PE requirements. The field needs to be levelled off and the surface made flatter. 

Currently located on the field is hard pitch, a multi-use games area, a small climbing wall, trim trail and a new play area for young children.

The Project

We need your help to bring our field into the 21st century, in line with the Kenton Neighbourhood Development Plan supporting families with their needs well beyond its educational remit, inspiring health and wellbeing in a safe and fun environment for years to come.

The current playing field :

  • Terrain is unsuitable for physical education
  • Doesn't reflect the school or community requirements

Why is a sports field so important?

"Sport not only provides the benefit of physical activity but they are very crucial in terms of mental growth and alertness. Not only does it empower youth and promote higher self-esteem."

"Numerous physical benefits include maintaining a healthy weight, preventing chronic diseases and learning the skills necessary to maintain a healthy lifestyle."

There are 5 main benefits to having a village field: 

Benefits for Families - Family ties are improved by spending leisure time with each other. This effect even works with parent-child relationships.

Reduce Crime Rates with Children - A community sports centre gives children a safe place to play, keeping them off the streets.

Cultural Diversity - Participating in group activities can help to increase cohesion in both the community and the workplace. 

Tourism - Sports facilities can hold tournaments that can bring people from neighbouring towns and villages. This increase of people can help bring more revenue into the village a few times a year. 

Reduce Stress - The benefits of sports field not only help the body, but they also create a less stressed mind. Another benefit to the mind is overall happiness, People who exercise regularly are more than twice as likely to consider themselves happy.

What you get for your money?

1. Level & turf a U10 football pitch and a running track

What's next .........

Please be part of this project and bring value to the whole community, improve the area for everyone. Support, pledge and get involved in our project and its funding to enable us to reinvigorate the local area and ensure our children have a healthy start to life.

If you’re not able to contribute but like what we’re doing, get the word out! Shout about us on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook and / or WhatsApp the link to your friends, email it to your colleagues and talk about it with your family. 

On behalf of the KSPA, Kenton Primary School teachers and children & the local Kenton Community. THANK YOU!  



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