Kellys Hair Fund

Kellys Hair Fund

To raise enough money to fund a Hair piece for Kelly who is suffering Cancer!

We did it!

On 23rd Jun 2017 we successfully raised £625 with 24 supporters in 22 days

Hello Hello, 

You may or may not be aware that our lovely Kelly has been diagnosed with breast cancer.

Since then she has undergone a mastectomy and breast reconstruction. Sadly this was insufficient to rid all the cancerous cells and is now awaiting chemotherapy.

Until now Kelly has remained strong and positive. Her courage has been inspiring. However with the imminent chemotherapy and the inevitable loss of her hair, our dear Kelly is extremely low and in complete despair.

We are looking to raise enough money for Kelly to have a decent hair piece & if enough funds, to send her on a spa day (think she deserves it) 

Being a devoted hairdresser for many years, the mere thought of hair loss is unimaginable.

Kelly is stage 2 lymphoma positive breast cancer.

 6 months of chemo ahead To be followed by radio therapy followed by 3 more surgery's to reconstruct. This is Very aggressive chemo That is about to begin. Full body hair expected to be lost... 

Due to losing her hair, Kelly has made the decision to brace the short hair and donate what she can to The Princess Trust.

The Little Princess Trust provides real hair wigs free of charge to boys and girls across the UK and Ireland that have sadly lost their own hair due to cancer treatment and other illnesses.

what a Lady eh! 

I'm sure Kelly has made your day with a lovely Hair Service, so in return please,please donate what you can. The more this is shared, the more hope we have into raising what we need. 

Share Share Share! 

Unfourtantley, crow fund takes Adds VAT and then takes 5% off the final amount raise so we have added that bit on.

Thankyou for your time into reading and we hope you can make a difference  

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