Save Kelly Bray Village Hall

Save Kelly Bray Village Hall

The Women's Institute says our Village Hall belongs to them and wants to sell it! Please help!!

We did it!

On 21st Dec 2015 we successfully raised £455 with 12 supporters in 56 days

 We are about to lose our village Hall!  In 1937 the Women's Institute in Kelly Bray raised sufficient money from within the village to buy a plot of land from the Duchy of Cornwall and build a hall where they could meet.  Right from the beginning it was used as a de facto Village Hall, providing a welcoming space for family celebrations and community events.

When the W.I. folded a couple of years ago, they wanted to formally gift the hall to the village, however, the Cornwall Federation of Women's Institutes (CFWI) insisted that the building was now rightfully theirs and began legal proceedings to stop us using or hiring out the hall.  It has been a really hard fought battle (at least three years); we have been locked out once and individual members of the Hall Management Committee have each been threatened with prosecution should we persist in "trespassing".  This would mean financial penalties and seizure of personal assets if we continued to use the hall.  Sadly, all community activities have had to either relocate to other village halls or have ceased altogether, unless or until we manage to save the building.

We registered the hall as a Community Asset under the Localism Act and this gave us the Right to Bid, should the CFWI decide to try and dispose of the building and small surrounding plot.  They have now decided to do just that and we have approximately five months in which to come up with the funds to provide a credible bid, before the building goes on the open market.

Present value (hall as it stands, no Planning Permission on the land) is approximately £40,000 but we need to be prepared for this to go higher, depending on how the CFWI intend to market it.

Losing our hall would rip the heart out of our community.   Deadline is midnight on February 26th 2016.  Please help us in any way you can.  Thank you for taking the time to read this and for further information, please visit our website:



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