The 3rd Samantics Album - Keep Repeating It

by Samantics in Exeter, England, United Kingdom

The 3rd Samantics Album - Keep Repeating It
We did it
On 24th April 2019 we successfully raised £3,683 with 98 supporters in 28 days

I am looking to raise enough money through pre-orders to fund the making of my third album.

by Samantics in Exeter, England, United Kingdom

New stretch target

If I am able to reach my stretched target, I will use the money to have a limited run of 100 Vinyl copies of the album printed with anyone who pledged to be offered a copy at a largely reduced price if interested.  

I am very pleased to have finally finished all work on my third album. It's recorded, mixed and ready to go, it just needs a bit of assistance getting it onto disc! I am not asking for handouts, just encouraging anyone interested in pre-ordering! I have also planned for a limited number of bundles to be made especially, including a double sided t-shirt that will not be re-printed and limited to only 50. Other bundle delights include a lyric book (with all previous album words included) a bottle opener key-ring and a travel mug, because tea is necessary wherever you may be, plus, no more takeaway cups!  There are some pictures below to show some of the rewards available!

I am aiming to raise 2000 to cover all costs, so, if 200 wonderful people were to pre-order, that would cover the costs alone! This is an 'All or Nothing' campaign, meaning, if the target is not reached, no money will be taken. If the target is achieved, any money pledged will not be transferred until the campaign has finished. 

I would be massively grateful to have your support, if you don't like the music, it could make a great gift for someone's nan? 

STRETCH TARGET - If the stretch target of £3000 is reached, I will be having a limited run of vinyl made, anyone who pledged would be offered a vinyl copy at a greatly reduced price. 


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£10 or more

The Album

A copy of the new album.

£12 or more

14 of 50 claimed

12" Vinyl - I've Pledged Already!

If you have already pledged but you can't resist getting the vinyl too, I'm happy to offer you a reduced price for already being bloody awesome! Thank you! (includes postage)

£15 or more

Overseas Album Order

The album, for anyone outside of the UK.

£17 or more

2 of 50 claimed

Vinyl - I haven't pledged yet!

The stretch target has been reached and vinyl is now an option! If you've been holding out for the vinyl and haven't pledged yet, use this option! Thank you! (includes postage)

£35 or more

50 of 50 claimed

The Super Mega Awesome Bundle of Joy!

Containing... A CD, a specially designed lyric book filled with words from all previous Samantics albums (and a few extras). A limited edition, double sided, T-shirt which will not be reprinted after the campaign. A Samantics key-ring bottle opener and a Samantics travel mug - perfect for festival season! See main page for pictures!

£150 or more

2 of 3 claimed

A Personalised Song by Samantics

Send me some information about a topic of your choice - person? pet? favourite cereal? Whatever you want, and i'll turn it into a song to be sent out on a CD or via download.

£250 or more

2 of 3 claimed

A gig in your front room!

Got a house party or a shindig coming up? Fancy some awkward ukulele infused, middle class hiphop? I'll supply all that's needed to make the show happen, you just bring the people (or have a really intense one on one gig..)

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