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I run this project solely on my own without funding, it's a free service to you but it cost me money, keep Spiritual Productions alive.

by Spiritual Productions in Waterlooville, England, United Kingdom

Having the knowledge of video editing, filming and producing small budget shows, I thought I’d share my knowledge and grow my idea/business to help others.

Back in November 2018 I was diagnosed with an illness (still taking treatment) and sadly I had to resign my full-time employment as my health wasn’t improving.  Having this time away from a full-time position I began to realise I can offer my knowledge and spiritual support to others in a digital genre.

Other the months my health slightly improved, I now spend most of my time concentrating and improving my situation while meeting new people and sharing their beliefs via my YouTube channel.

My idea to interview, document and support others takes time, money and many hours to create something I hope others enjoy. I don’t charge for my services and rely on private contracts for small video and editing which helps pay the bills.

My passion is to grow my little idea but it needs financial support to purchase new equipment and to cover other costs.

Let's make 'Keeping the project alive' happen

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