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Keep Rescue Team Operational

by Derrick Reid in South Molton, England, United Kingdom

Keep Rescue Team Operational


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Our team vehicles are key to a successful rescue. We need to keep them operational (servicing, fuel and tax).

by Derrick Reid in South Molton, England, United Kingdom

Exmoor Search & Rescue Team

What we do

We are a volunteer organisation which assists the police in locating lost or missing persons and recovering the injured or ill from remote locations across large parts of Devon and Somerset. We offer a unique skill-set comprising navigation, search techniques, medical treatment, casualty extraction (stretchers, vehicles) along with technical rope (steep and vertical ground) and water (flood and swift water) rescue capabilities


 Our vehicles - key to success

Each one of our four vehicles provides a specialist role over and above the conventional personnel carrying capability and initial first aid equipment:

  • Incident Control vehicle - primarily provides space and technology (radios and computers) to manage a search and rescue operation.
  • Ambulance - a bespoke customised VW van with the ability, through the re-arrangement of seats, to allow a casualty to be carried safely in a stretcher and treated by medical personnel whilst in transit
  • Technical rescue 1 - Primarily carries rope rescue equipment
  • Technical rescue 2 - Primarily carries our water rescue (flood and swift water) equipment.


Why we need support

We rely upon fundraising efforts for nearly all of our income with little support from Central Government. With vehicles aged between 5 and 30yrs we worry that the next visit to the garage will impact on our capabilities. All fundraising is a balance between covering running costs and funding capital projects such as vehicle replacements.


The team remained operational throughout the lockdown period and were actually called out three times during that time. However, fundraising events have been cancelled with a significant impact on income.

Maintaining our vehicles is a significant annual cost but is crucial to saving lives.


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£100 or more

Rescue Experience

Take part in a training exercise where you could take the part of a simulated casualty or just observe the team in action

£20 or more

£20 Reward

Visit and tour of HQ in South Molton. Shown around building, vehicles and equipment

Let's make 'Keep Rescue Team Operational' happen

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