Keeping NHS workers bicycles safe

Keeping NHS workers bicycles safe

We need £300 pound to create a secure space to store NHS workers bicycles whilst they are in work.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

A number of staff already cycle to work creating a number of benefits particularly from an environmental perspective. Encouraging more to cycle will reduce the numbers using vehicles, this will free up parking spaces at the hospital which suffers from traffic congestion caused predomiunately due to the lack of spaces. However, due to the increasing numbers cycling there is a lack of secure places to keep their cycles during their time in work. This problem leads to either people not cycling or to bring their cycles into their work places. A space has been identified that woud be perfect to store 10 bicycles and the organisation has commited to fit this space with a bicycle rack, however there are no funds to fit the required secure access to this area. We are looking for some help to raise the funds to make this areas secure.  Any funds raised over the target will be donated to the local Health Charity

Thanks for your support