Keeping Lustreware Pottery alive in the uk!

Keeping Lustreware Pottery alive in the uk!

I want to set up a Lustreware production pottery

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Project aim

I want to set up a Lustreware production pottery.

About the project

I am young potter who is currently working with one of the UK's very few Lustreware potters. There is a very real possiblity that this ancient and beautiful form of pottery will soon cease being made in the UK if I do not take it forward. My aim is to continue and develop Lustreware and to do this I need to set up a small dedicated pottery. I am hopeful of sucsess because I am already fulfilling a commission fron the British Museum to produce Celtic themed tiles to be sold in conjuction with their Celts exhibition.The money I am seeking to raise will set up and fund the pottery for one year.

About Lustreware

It is sometimes described as a modern alchemy.The process dates back ten centuries to potters of Islamic empire and has a fascinating history, it produces a finish that reflects light like oil on water and breaks it into iridescent colours. To achieve this silver and copper salts are mixed with clay and painted on the surface of a previously glazed pot. During the third firing the kiln is deprived of oxygen and a chemical reaction deposits the metals in a minutely thin layer which combines with the glaze to produce these wonderful effects. 

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