Keeping Jilly on the road

by Amy Thacker in London, Greater London, England

Keeping Jilly on the road

Raising Funds to buy my disabled mum a car that the government have taken away

by Amy Thacker in London, Greater London, England

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On 2nd August 2017 we successfully raised £745 with 41 supporters in 28 days

I am raising funds for my wonderful mum who at the age of 45 was diagnosed with the debilitating, degenerative, incurable disease; Parkinson’s. Before she was diagnosed, my mum was a vibrant, full of life individual who had the most positive outlook on life. Over the 14 years of having the illness, my mum has always tried to remain upbeat and deal with her symptoms with a smile on her face, even through very difficult periods of her body failing her.  

 The medication she has to take relieves some of her symptoms, but very often these results are inconsistent and sometimes don’t work, leaving my mum unable to function properly as a human being with an awful quality of life. The effects of Parkinson’s and the heavy drugs used to treat the illness have caused numerous side effects such as the Parkinson’s shuffle, involunatary bodily movements, slurred speech, shooting pains through both legs, severe cramping in both feet and co-ordination and balance issues leaving her disabled and unable to continue working full time. The worst part of the disease has been watching my beautiful mum lose her confidence as a person as she has become more and more self conscious of the way her symptoms would present themselves randomly and uncontrollably in often public situations, and as this degenerative illness progresses she has become a shell of the person she once was.   

In 2015 she was lucky enough to have brain surgery on the NHS which enabled her to reduce some of her medication which caused severe side effects and enabled her to live a better quality of life, however it has not eliminated many of the symptoms and on a day to day basis her health can be highly unpredictable. In recent months she has had numerous falls due to her cognitive impairment and has days when she is virtually lifeless. 

 The reason I am crowd funding for her, is because the government have now taken away her enhanced rate disability allowance due to the cuts, meaning that the disability car awarded for her to use when she can and is well enough, is no longer available, her blue badge for parking has been removed and they have also reduced her living allowance. So as well as suffering with this illness she now can’t visit local friends and family easily and will have to rely on public transport to get around. 

I’m hoping to fundraise for her to be able to afford a new car for her so despite the other cuts, she will still easily be able to travel to friends and family and not have to struggle to walk to bus stops or train stations in order to get around and can still be connected to her loved ones.  

Any donations you can provide will be hugely appreciated – thank you for reading.


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